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Black Friday Survival Guide

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Black Friday is almost here and that means most of the advertisements are out.  Apple, as expected, waits until nearly the last minute to post their Black Friday deals.  For now, we have all the major retailers with their Black Friday Apple iDevice deals.  Here is your full guide to getting the best deals for the best iDevices, for hours check out this page:

First, the hot buys:

Black Friday Deals Update

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Why look online through Black Friday advertisements looking for Apple iDevice deals when I have already done that for you.  Come back here often to see the iDevice deals. (Updated 11/12 8pm)

Features of iOS 7

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My post about the Top Features of iOS 7 has been very popular and it seems like there is no place on the Internet that actually lists all the features of iOS 7.  There are some books on the iBookstore where you can learn about some secret features.  Here is my free list of 100 features of iOS 7.  Enjoy!


iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Tech Specs

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UPDATE: 3:00pm, September 10: The tech specs below have been updated to the beautiful new iPhones that Apple has announced at their event earlier today.  This post will be moved relatively soon to a new page featuring iPhone and iPad comparisons.  Until then, see the specs below. Also, if you tweet or share this post, it will still count as 2x the number of entries. 

It is less than 24 hours until Tim Cook comes on stage at Town Hall at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California to talk about what Apple has done this past year; iOS 7 and of course, two new iPhones.  Apple is expected to announce a release date for iOS 7 (probably September 18th if history tells us anything about past Apple’s iOS releases), the iPhone 5S (the successor to the iPhone 5), the iPhone 5C (a new inexpensive iPhone unlike anything we are used to) and potentially a software update to the Apple TV.  Recently, a rumor came out saying that the new iPad 5 and iPad mini could be announced too, but it is highly unlikely Apple will announce four major products on the same day.

The tech specs of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are shown below in the style Apple lists tech specs based completely on rumors.  We won’t know for sure about any of the specs until Apple officially announces them tomorrow.  To compare, the iPhone 5 tech specs are also listed.  This blog post should be updated again tomorrow or Wednesday with the legit specs that Apple gives us.

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Find the full specs breakdown by clicking below!


More Evidence Released for iPhone 5S

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The iPhone 5S/5C event is only two days away! And, as expected, more photos of the iDevices are showing up online.  The iPhone 5S is rumored to feature a fingerprint scanner on the Home button and to help confirm this, Patently Apple discovered an European patent concerning a Home button with a sensor ring around it.  This picture, shown below, looks a lot like the Home button that we saw earlier on the iPhone 5S retail packaging.   Patently Apple believes it is a sensor ring surround the Home button with the ability to detect a user’s fingerprint without them actually hitting the Home button.

Apple's Home button patent

Apple’s Home button patent

After the September 10th event in the United States, Apple has planned a separate event in China on the 11th.  Apple is expected to reveal the same two iPhones in China, which is the first time they have held a separate event in another country!  Apple is said to have just made a deal with China’s largest carrier.  The iPhone in the picture below has CCC marks on the back, which are like our FCC mark in the United States.  The CCC and FCC marks are mandatory safety marks to show the device has undergone testing to make sure it is safe to use and that it will not interfere with government and emergency systems (iDownloadBlog).

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

CCC safety marks

CCC safety marks

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iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 Video

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A new video has come out recently comparing the shells of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.  The new iPad 5 will be almost as thin as the iPad mini, very much lighter than the iPad 4, and able to be held with one hand.  The tech specs, however, have not yet been released for the new iPad.  According to the video, the ambient light sensor has moved and the volume rocker has change to two separate buttons, likely made of metal.  Like last year, Apple is expected to have an iPad-focused media event in October where they will release the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.  Although I would love a Retina display on the new mini, I think it will be held off for another generation.

Here is the video of the new iPads, which was posted by DetroitBorg (via 9to5mac).

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Home Button

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On every iDevice there is a Home button which is used to talk to Siri, exit out of apps, multitask, etc. but sometimes the Home button doesn’t respond. You may press it harder or reset your iDevice, but there is a simpler method that may fix most problems by recalibrating the button.

First, open any stock app (any app that came with the iPhone, ex. Messages, Phone, Clock). Then press and hold the lock button until the “slide to power off” slider appears. Release the lock button, press and hold the Home button like you would normally and this will force quit out of the app, recalibrating the Home button. The recalibrating only works for stock apps. If you tried to use this method for other apps, it would just force quit them.

Buying Apple vs. PC – Still can't decide

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Let’s look at something you’ve probably neglected to consider.

  • Sarah buys a nice new MacBook Pro and she’s excited to get home and use it; however, she does she finds that the trackpad keeps freezing randomly. She is extremely frustrated.

  • Jose goes to his local Walmart and picks up a cheaper, mid-priced HP laptop. The laptop works great for 30 days, but on the 31st day (conveniently after the stores return policy expires) his trackpad begins randomly freezing too.

Two people, two different laptops, same issue. Who do you think will fair better with a faster support/resolution? I’ll tell you, it’s the Apple user. Why? Well let me tell you about my experience this morning with HP, then I’ll tell you how Apple’s world class support will have you buying Apple JUST for the peace of mind it will give you.


Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


I wake up for work this morning and feel pretty crappy, and end up calling out. But let’s not get into that. I decide I might as well do something productive. I bought an HP 2000 at Walmart about 3 months ago and I don’t use it a lot, but I do sometimes prefer a laptop over my iPhone (faster typing/etc.) So I’ve been having this issue where the trackpad will just freeze up and be unresponsive. It usually fixes itself within 30-60 seconds, but this gets very annoying when you’re hard pressed for time and need to get something done right away. So I decided to go ahead and call HP and get this figured out. So I call, and wait on hold for 35 minutes. I get this Indian customer service representative, I’m by no means racist, but I can’t understand a word this man is saying. He speaks broken English and has a VERY HEAVY Indian accent. So after trying to explain things to him, I apologized and asked if I could speak to someone with less of an accent, preferably American (yeah right.. haha.) I was put back on hold and after 28 minutes, I got frustrated and gave up. I decided that the phone was not going to work. I then thought, well, HP offers a chat support so let me try that, at least I will be able to understand typed words (logically.. right?). So I sign into the technical support chat and within a few moments I’m connected to somebody by the name of Hadeed (I thought wow I’m probably chatting with the same guy who barely speaks English).

Now I’m a very tech savvy guy. I went to school for Computer Science and I’ve taken computers apart since I was a kid, repaired them, and built them from scratch. So not to brag, but I certainly know a thing or two – I did my own troubleshooting before even considering contacting HP: I reinstalled Windows 8, updated the trackpad drivers, updated the BIOS, etc. Needless to say my problem was not fixed, everything they told me to do/check I had already checked. So what’s the solution? I have to wait a week to receive a shipping label in the mail – then box up my laptop and mail it to Mexico for quality check/repair. Now I shouldn’t have to pay because it’s warrantied for a year, but I’ve already wasted a couple hours with support and now I am going to be without a laptop for who knows how long. I’m hoping they just replace it entirely but we’ll see.

Now let’s pretend that I still had my Macbook Pro and let’s pretend my Macbook Pro was having this issue. How different would my experience have been? Well I’ve had the pleasure of working with Apple support numerous times, and having worked for Apple, I can tell you that things would have gone MUCH more smoothly.

For starters, I would have immediately called AppleCare (just so you know, your new Apple product comes with a standard warranty, but you can purchase additional years of coverage, which is completely worth it.) I would have gotten through to a person quickly. I’ve never been on hold for more than 10 minutes, but I’m sure hold times with Apple can be just as long as other companies. They’re not perfect, but you get through, and the person on the other end is an American. I think I’ve only got someone with a heavy accent once, but they were understandable. I would assume Apple must have a more stringent system in place for hiring people who can speak well for phone support. Props to them for that, and if you can’t understand them, they will gladly transfer you. Apple is pretty good with phone technical support and I’m sure that they too have some sort of support book they reference as it seems to be the industry standard now. However, they also clearly have a working knowledge of and genuine interest in Apple products. Then they would go over basic troubleshooting on the phone with me, and if they can’t figure it out, they would schedule an appointment for me to bring my Macbook Pro to my local Apple Store to meet with a Genius. These people are literally Apple geniuses.

So let’s say that they can’t fix my problem over the phone and I have an appointment to bring in my Macbook Pro to my local Apple Store. I would arrive at the Apple store, check in with any of the Apple employees and meet with the Genius. If they are unable to figure it out, a few other Apple Geniuses may come over to assist (because they have a genuine interest in the issue). So if they are still unable to fix it right there, one of three things will happen: they will keep my computer for in-house repair, if its something simple I might just hang out while they do it; they will replace my computer on the spot (if it’s really busted or not worth fixing); or they might just ship my computer to a service center for repair, however this is usually a very quick process. If the latter occurs, the Apple store might give me a loner computer if I need something immediately.

Needless to say Apple has world-class support that other companies simply don’t – what is that peace of mind worth to you? I say spend a little more, and you won’t be sorry if you ever encounter trouble and need support.

I’ve been an Apple geek since High School, once you go Apple you’ll never go back 😉

Apple’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) is very easy to use and learn if you are used to Windows – don’t be scared away by the differences you see or hear of if you are in the market for a new computer, tablet, or phone. Please take a trip to your local Apple store,or mini Apple Store located in many Best Buy’s, and play with their products and try them out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

That’s all for now, I leave you with a quote from a very brilliant man who’s innovation and spirit is missed by so many;

Innovation has absolutely nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more money on R&D. It’s not about the money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” – Steve Jobs

The Future of the Retina Display

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Right now, Apple is on a roll recently Retinatizing everything.  By “Retinatizing,” I mean installing a Retina display into their devices and computers.  First we had the iPhone 4 that was Retinatized.  With a pixels per inch (ppi) of 326, the eye cannot distinguish between pixels with the phone at a normal distance away from the eye.  Of course all of the iPhones after that had Retina displays: iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  Then Apple put a beautiful Retina display into the new iPad (or iPad 3rd generation) with a ppi of 264.  Which actually doubled the amount of pixels that were in the iPad 2.  The iPod touch was also given an amazing Retina display and last year, Apple released Retina Macbook Pros, both the 13 inch model and the 15 inch model.  These Macbooks are selling very well because their screens look magnificent.  So what’s Apple going to Retinatize next?

Call me crazy, but within the next couple of product generations, I believe the iPad mini, iPod nano, Macbook air (supposedly this one will happen this year) and the iMac will all feature Retina displays.  The iPad mini will get a Retina display this year, 95% positive.  It has been rumored since the first generation came out and now it needs one.  The iPod nano might become Retinatized.  It may seem far fetched, but the iPod nano exterior and interior components can only change so much, eventually the screen will have to become more advanced.  The Macbooks air are rumored to come with Retina screens later this year, which seems quite realistic.  After all of the portable Macbooks become Retinatized, the iMac will have to be next.  I also think the iMac will eventually get a touchscreen, but that’s another blog post for another day.  When the iWatch gets released, it probably won’t have a Retina screen, but within a few generations, it probably will have a Retina display.  The iTV probably won’t start off with a Retina display either, but it will have one eventually.  Apple, within a few generations, will Retinatize all of their devices.  But, once everything has a Retina display, then nothing will be Retinatized, right?  It’s like the idea that if everyone had super powers, then no one will (from The Incredibles.)


So, my crazy theory continues.  Apple will also update their Retina to a Retina Plus or Retina HD and their products will one by one feature this amazingly beautiful display of 2x or 4x the amount of pixels they have now.  Other companies are releasing phones with 300-400+ppi and Apple will need to compete.  So they will come out with an Ultra-Retina display.  However you want to call it, it is going to be like nothing you have ever seen before.  These screens will feel like real life almost, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the pixels with your naked eye ever.


So to recap: Apple is going to Retinatize all of their products within a few generations and then we will see a new Retina display (my codename: Retina 2, Retina HD, Retina Plus or Ultra-Retina) that has 2x to 4x as many pixels as the current Retina display offers.

How to attempt to fix your water-damaged iPhone

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My Story

I dropped my iPhone 5 in the toilet and it was submerged for 45 seconds. I’ve never broken an iPhone before so I completely freaked out. Stress, emotions, OMG this iPhone is worthless and it’s $750 to buy a new one all came at once. I was scared, panicking and had no idea what to do. I immediately took it out of my case and pat my iPhone down with napkins and made sure I got the water out of the headphone jack and lightning port. I rushed over to the local grocery store, grabbed sandwich bags and a bag of rice. I placed my iPhone in the bag of rice and prayed that the iPhone would be fine. 48 hours later, my iPhone seemed to be working fine. I decided that I needed to write a post on what to do if your iPhone goes swimming.  After this, my iPhone seemed fine for a while.  A few months later, the battery started to fail (it went from 30% to 10% and then said it was dead within 5 minutes).  I took it back to Apple and paid the hefty price for a new phone.


What type of water did your iPhone go in?

Fresh water is the best case scenario (toilet, sink, etc.), then pool water and finally salt water is the worst case scenario. If your iPhone went into one of these types of water, do not freak out. Just remember the type of water and the time the iPhone was under for (mine was roughly 45 seconds.)


What to do

1. Calmly (as calm as you can possibly be) take the iPhone out of the water.

2. Turn the iPhone off. Do NOT turn the iPhone on and check to see if it works. You could kill the iPhone by doing this. Just turn it off.

3. Grab some napkins, paper towels, anything that can soak up water and dry the iPhone off. Make sure to dry off the exterior of the phone and try to get a dry napkin to soak up the water from the ports. Water in the ports can cause rust and corrosion.

4. Remove the SIM card if you know how (a paperclip will work if you don’t have the SIM card remover.) On the side of the Phone, push a paperclip into the hole and pull the SIM card tray out, remove the SIM card (do not lose it) and put the tray back into the phone.

5. Get a Ziploc bag and put in a couple of Silica packets or if you are unable to get them, use rice and place your iPhone in it. It is okay if there is a screen protector on the iPhone. Leave it on.

6. Leave the iPhone in the bag of rice or bag of Silica packets for a minimum of 24 hours, preferably 48 hours for the best chance of survival. 48 hours may seem like a long time, but those 24 extra hours could mean the difference of having a working iPhone and buying new one for $650+.

7. Talk to your friends, family members, social networks and inform people that you do not have your phone with you and give them a way to reach you (e-mail, iMessage on an iPad, carrier pigeon, whatever is the best way for you.)


What to do while you wait

1. Assess your situation. The worst case scenario is that the iPhone will never work again. The best case scenario is that the iPhone works perfectly afterwards.

2. Determine if you have AppleCare or no AppleCare. On the Apple website, click here to determine if you have AppleCare or not. You will need the Serial Number, which can be located on the box that your iPhone came in or in the Settings app.

3a. If you have AppleCare, Apple should be able to fix the iPhone (assuming it turns on) for a small fee, $49.

3b. If you don’t have AppleCare, Apple should be able to fix the iPhone (assuming it turns on) for a somewhat larger fee of $229.  Apple recommends you purchase AppleCare with the new iPhone for a total of $329, but they gave me a discount with my purchase.  Expect to pay $329 or so. Note: if you are on a two-year contract, this does not start over your contract.  Your contract end date does not change with the purchase of a new iPhone to replace your water damaged one.

4. Make plans in case the best, worse or most realistic scenario take place.

  • Best Case Scenario: the iPhone turns on and works perfectly (just like new), although it may have long-term problems (like battery issues, touch screen malfunction, etc.)
  • Worse Case Scenario: the iPhone doesn’t turn on, has a frozen screen, etc. or Apple won’t fix it. (I would suggest looking into other phones while you wait to get an idea how much it would cost for a replacement phone. Like mentioned above, Apple will replace it for roughly $329 without AppleCare+ or $49 with AppleCare+.
  • Realistically: the iPhone works, but has a flaw with it (the touch screen is unresponsive in some areas, the external speakers don’t work, etc.)

5. Learn from your mistake (as detailed below.)

An iPhone with water damage that doesn’t work is not completely worthless. It can be used for parts and sold for substantially less than you paid for it. So you will still get money if you wanted to sell it, but not as much without water damage.


Learn from your mistake

In the future, don’t bring the iPhone into a situation where it could fall in the water. Keep it in your pocket when you go into the bathroom, put the iPhone in the locker room when you go swimming, leave it in the car when you go to the beach, etc.

If you want, invest in a waterproof case for the iPhone so it will better its chances of survival if it goes swimming again.

Also, invest in Liquipel if you don’t want a case, but want the best protection. I haven’t used their services (although I might now), but I hear that it works really well. They put a nano waterproof coating on your phone so it repels liquid (not only water, but coffee, soda, etc.).

Note: The steps outlined in this guide will not guarantee the survival of your iPhone and are to be used as a guide of what to do.  This guide was meant to work with the iPhone 5, but it can easy be applied to the current iPhone generations (although the prices may differ).