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September 10th Event: One Week Later

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It has officially been a week since Apple has revealed their new iPhones.  We saw the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C be announced, but some other products came out too, but were left unannounced.  Here’s the recap:

iPhone 5C: the mid-tier iPhone 5 in multiple colors


Apple usually decreases the price of the previous generation iPhone when they release a new one.  In theory, Apple should have brought the iPhone 5 to $99, the iPhone 4S to $0 and the new iPhone 5S was starting at $199.  However, they switched things up and discontinued the iPhone 5 in favor of the updated iPhone 5C, which is available in multiple colors.  It has similar specifications to the iPhone 5, like camera (back: 8MP, front: 1.2MP), A6 processor, LED flash, panorama, etc., but it is also a little heavier (lighter than the iPhone 4S), has a polycarbonate (plastic) back, slightly larger and bulkier and a battery battery.  This iPhone starts at $99 for the 16GB model on contract.


iPhone 5S: the best iPhone 5 ever


This iPhone was highly expected because Apple always announces a new numbered iPhone (ex: iPhone 4, iPhone 5) and a year later, they announce an updated model with the “S” attached (ex: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S).  This model has improved specifications and always includes some extraordinary, like the iPhone 3GS had a video camera, iPhone 4S had Siri and now the iPhone 5S has TouchID (fingerprint scanner).  This iPhone is the same size and weight or the iPhone 5, it has an improved battery, a new A7 processor with a separate M7 motion tracking processor, the ability to take slow motion videos, a dual LED flash and TouchID.  This iPhone starts at $199 and comes in Black/Space Gray, White/Gold and White/Silver.


iPods: the silent color update









The iPods were silently updated to include Apple’s new Space Gray color.  The specifications remain the same, but this new color is now available.  Since Apple decided to quietly update the old models with Space Gray, this suggests they will not be updating the iPods anytime soon.  Although the iPod Classic has not been updated since 2009, it is still available in two colors.


If you noticed any other updates to iDevices, leave a comment below.

Finally, don’t forget iOS 7 is coming out tomorrow.  Based on Apple’s history, they usually release the new operating system sometime between 9:30am and 10:30am PST or 1:30pm and 2:30pm EST.  Make sure you back up your iDevice before you update.

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Apple Confirms September 10 Event

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Apple has officially confirmed the September 10th event where it will reveal its new innovative products. The event will start at 10am PST (or 1pm EST) at Apple’s headquarters Town Hall in Cupertino. Like the past few media events, it is likely to be recorded live and available to watch on the Internet.


It is widely anticipated that the event will reveal a new iPhone 5S (the successor to the iPhone 5), new inexpensive iPhone 5C, a release date for iOS 7 and the new Apple TV (stay tuned for updates on this one). The iPhone 5S is rumored to contain a fingerprint scanner on its Home button, the new A7 chip that is 31% faster and better for the battery, a dedicated motion tracking chip for gesture control, a dual-LED flash and two more colors (gold/champagne and graphite) in addition to the current white and black iPhone 5’s. The iPhone 5C is expected to be Apple’s entry into the inexpensive smartphone market. It will have a cheaper price tag in addition to a polycarbonate outer shell that will come in blue, green, yellow, red and white. The 5C is also rumored to replace the iPhone 5.

In addition to confirming the event, Apple always includes hints in their invites. For starters, “this should brighten everyone’s day” is a reference to the iPhone 5C, which will be available in multiple colors, and iOS 7, which is a multicolored redesigned user interface. The “everyone” could be an additional reference to Apple offering a lower cost iPhone. It is probably not a coincidence that the colors of the iPhone 5C coincide with the colors of the event invitation: white, green, blue, yellow, red (pink), etc. I think the biggest hint is the gray circle indicating a white circle (or bubble). they purposely included a white circle.


What to Expect This Week….

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The rumored date for the iPhone 5S/5C announcement is September 10. If the rumors are indeed true, Apple should be releasing invitations for the event over the next couple of days. And as the big day comes closer, more leaked photos of the new iDevice should make their way online. We may even get lucky again this year and catch an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C at a local Cupertino bar (like the iPhone 4).

Every day or so a few more pictures of the rumored devices make their way on to the Internet. As the product comes together and more parties are informed about the device, pictures are taken and shared. The fact that this past weekend some more pictures of the iPhone 5C were leaked (shown below) showing the whole iPhone in packaging with instruction manuals, legal information and the SIM card ejector pretty much confirms that Apple will release an iPhone 5C. The only thing we need now is a media event hosted by Apple telling us about the exciting new products.

The first picture is of the new red or pink-looking iPhone 5C in the retail packaging. This picture was initially posted by iApps.im. The picture is consistent with the images that were released within the past few weeks depicting a colored iPhone. It’s also consistent with Apple retail packing (at least for the iPod touch), which displays the iDevice in a clear plastic shell with a sticker of what the screen would look like if the device were on and an opaque outer shell containing the important stuff (manual, EarPods, etc.).


The second and third pictures show the instruction manual for the iPhone 5C with iOS 7 on them. These pictures were found on a micro-blogging website called Weibo.



On a final note, the new iPhone 5C is rumored to come in multiple colors: green, blue, white, yellow and red. It will also have a 4-inch Retina display, lightning connector, 8MP back camera, 1.2MP front camera, A6 chip and a much lower price as compared to the iPhone 5.

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Leaked Photos of iPhone 5S

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September 10 is coming up fast and more photos are being leaked online showing the next generation devices. In 2010, the iPhone 4 was spotted at a popular bar near the Apple headquarters and this was the world’s first look at the physical product before the announcement. This year, the iPhone 5S is supposed to feature a fingerprint scanner, improved internals and 128GB storage (like the iPad 4).

So here are some pictures of the iPhone 5 (in black and silver) alongside of the iPhone 5S rocking out its champagne color. As you’ll notice, all the phones look similar from the SIM card slots, the lightning port on the bottom, the speaker holes to the highly polished chamfered edges. The pictures below come from Moumantai, a cellular phone parts dealer, and were published by ASCII Plus, a weekly blog of a Japanese tech (Nowhereelse.fr).