Analyst Expects Three iPad Pros in 2017, OLED Coming in 2018

Three iPad Pros
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This year is summing up to be a minor refresh year for iPhone and iPad, but next year there will be radical changes with both devices. The 2017 iPhone will get the complete redesign it deserved this year and the 2017 iPad Pro lineup will be shaken up with new display sizes. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is planning to announce at least three iPad Pros next year.

Three iPad Pros

The rumored 10.5″ iPad Pro will fit nicely between the 9.7″ (on the left) and 12.9″ (on the right), credit: Laptop Magazine

In a new report, Kuo suggests Apple will be updating their iPad Pro lineup with three display sizes instead of the current two. The iPad will come with a 12.9”, 10.5”, and 9.7” screen size. The second-generation iPad Pro will not come out this year, and instead be updated next year with the other iPads. The 12.9” and 10.5” iPad Pro will be powered by A10X processor and the 9.7” iPad Pro will retain the A9X processor. Additionally, the smaller iPad will be offered as a low-cost option for the iPad Pro lineup.

The following year, 2018, will also be a major update for iPad. Apple is planning to replace the current LCD with a flexible OLED display. This does not necessarily mean the iPads will be more flexible, but they will likely incorporate 3D Touch.

There are no reports for the next-generation iPad Air or iPad mini, which may mean these iPads are likely to be discontinued. The rumored iPad Air 3 turned out to be the 9.7” iPad Pro. If Apple were to release another iPad Air, it may cause of cannibalism of sales for two iPads with 9.7” screen sizes released together. The iPad mini 4 was released only a year ago so it is possible for Apple to release another iPad.

If Kuo’s analysis is correct, then the iPad will likely not be at the special media event planned for September 7th. Hopefully Apple will be planning an event in the spring, which would be one year after the 9.7” iPad Pro was released.

Analyst Predicts GPS, Barometer, and New Processor on Apple Watch 2

watchOS 3
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Based on Apple’s history, the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 should be completely redesigned with new internal components and external housing. Since this is major iPhone year and this is the second-generation Apple Watch, a redesign for both is typical for Apple. Unfortunately it appears that Apple is playing it safe with both of these devices with a complete redesign next year instead. A new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claims the Apple Watch 2 will have the same physical design as its predecessor with updated internal components.

Apple Watch 2

KGI Securities analyst expects the same design for the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch 2, credit: Apple

The Apple Watch 2 will be loaded with new sensors and a better processor for updated graphics and performance. The watch will include a GPS, barometer, the second-generation SoC processor, and be more waterproof. Other reports have rumored a cellular or Wi-Fi antenna and camera as well. The new SoC will improve the GPU and CPU of the watch for better performance. Next year’s watch, the Apple Watch 3, will be completely redesigned with a new form factor and potentially new casing materials.

According to Kuo, the current Apple Watch will not be discontinued but instead, upgraded. The watch will feature the new SoC processor and be priced for much less. It previously saw a price drop of $50 in the spring so hopefully the next price drop will put it below $200. The Apple Watch 2 will take over the prices of the current Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch 2 is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 7 in early September. Kuo predicts the watch will come out in late 2016, which would means September to December according to Tim Cook. He previously confirmed the definition of “early,” “mid,” and “late” meaning the first four months, middle four months, and last four months, respectively.

Leaked Pictures Show Working iPhone 7 Prototype, New Rumor Emerges

iPhone 7
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At this point, the design of the iPhone 7 is all but confirmed by Apple. Several leaks have come out that all show the same information. Until now, though, we have only been looking at mockups and various components. Sina, which is a Chinese news website, shared pictures leaked by a Chinese social media user that are allegedly of the iPhone 7.

Working iPhone 7

Fully functional iPhone 7 rear shell design, credit: Sina

The set of pictures were originally leaked by Weibo user @GeekBar and shows the iPhone 7 running a special operating system used internally by Apple. The case design matches up to what is expected for the iPhone 7. Instead of the headphone jack on the bottom, the phone will have a second speaker. This allows the phone to be more symmetrical with speaker grills on both sides of the Lightning port. Users will rely on Bluetooth and Lightning for audio. The phone also has a rear protruding camera that is part of the frame. It is much larger, closer to the left edge, and the microphone hole appears to be slightly smaller. Additionally, the antenna lines are limited to the top and bottom edge of the phone instead of also extending across the back.

Working iPhone 7

iPhone 7 running a special software for internal testing, credit: Sina

Looking at the front of the iPhone, the setup is quite similar to the iPhone 6s. It unfortunately does not match up to previous rumors that suggested new locations for more advanced display sensors. The speaker grill, proximity sensor (small black dot in top center of display), and front camera (larger black dot on left) look the same as the iPhone 6s. It is also difficult to tell if the home button is a physical button or more of the rumored haptic touchpad.

Sina reports that a friend claimed the iPhone 7 would have more of a curved screen with the transition from glass to aluminum be more rounded. The battery would also be slightly larger, as we have shared, and the biggest changes are in relation to the cameras. Hopefully this means we will have a better sensor in the front-facing camera.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced a media event in early September. It will come in at least one new color, likely a darker space gray, and start with 32GB of storage.

Blue iPhone 7 Plus Mockup Shown in New Video on YouTube

Blue iPhone 7 Plus Mockup
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In early September, Apple is expected to announce their next-generation iPhones, likely called “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus.” The screen sizes will be the same as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus with 4.7″ on the iPhone 7 and 5.5″ on the iPhone 7 Plus. Unlike last year’s phones, though, there will be much more than screen size to differentiate the two phones. A new video was posted by Unbox Therapy on YouTube that claims to show a mockup of the new phone and shares details about what exactly will be different.

Unbox Therapy, the group known for unboxing videos and leaking unreleased Apple products, released a video of an “accurate” iPhone 7 Plus mockup. They obtained it from a Chinese headphone manufacturer. The mockup is blue, which is one of the new colors rumored for the iPhone 7. It also has the dual rear camera, Smart Connector, less visible antenna lines, and no headphone jack. The dual rear camera will allow the phone to simultaneously take two videos at the same time and capture a better picture. The Smart Connector will work with third-party accessories requiring power instead of utilizing the Lightning port which is needed for playing audio. Finally, the headphone jack has been replaced by a second speaker. As pointed out in the video, the phone is not thinner than the iPhone 6s Plus. Rumors suggested Apple removed the headphone jack to make the phone thinner, but this doesn’t seem to be correct. The mockup appears to be about the same thickness as the iPhone 6s Plus.

Check out the full video below.

Unlike the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the new iPhones will have a few features that differentiate the models. The iPhone 7 will have a single rear camera and no Smart Connector. This iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual camera setup and the Smart Connector for working with third-party accessories. Apple may further differentiate them with internal specifications, like allowing only the larger iPhone to have 256GB of storage.

The iPhone 7 are expected to be announced in early September alongside a new thinner Apple Watch 2 and an updated iPad mini.

iPad Pro 2 Allegedly Shown Off in New Photos

iPad Pro 2
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After being announced nearly a year ago, the 12.9″ iPad Pro is expected to be updated with the second generation in the fall. There have been little to no rumors for the new tablet, but AppleInsider anonymously received a set of pictures that claim to show the next generation iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2

Two alleged photos for the next-generation iPad Pro, credit: AppleInsider

The pictures allegedly show the About section of the Settings app on both the white and black versions of the iPad Pro 2. The pictures do not reveal the design, but the model number, storage capacity, and operating system are shown. The model number is MH1C2CD/F which is not assigned to any current or previous iPad models. Its layout has the same style as other iPad generations with the right amount of letters, numbers, and symbols.

The storage capacity, though, raises a red flag that may disprove the authenticity of these pictures. It claims that the capacity is around 12GB, which is the amount of storage available after the operating system. This makes sense for a 16GB device, but the current iPad Pro starts at 32GB. An iPad with 32GB and only 12GB of available storage would mean that 20GB that is used for software. This is quite high even for prototype device.

The iPad is also running iOS 10 with a build number that corresponds to the developer’s second beta version. This beta was released in early July and has since been replaced by two beta versions.

It is difficult to confirm the legitimacy of these pictures with only the Settings app shown. However, the model number and software version are accurate with current Apple devices.

Apple is expected to release a second generation iPad Pro, likely called the “iPad Pro 2,” with the A10X processor and better specifications. It will hopefully adopt the True Tone Display and other features of the 9.7″ iPad Pro.

Report Confirms iPhone 7 Rumors: Touch Home Button, Space Black, and More

iPhone 7 base model
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In about a month Apple will host a special media event where they are expected to announce their next-generation iPhone, likely called the “iPhone 7,” and other new products. In the next thirty days, we will see rumors get confirmed by insiders and major news media groups. We have new details of the iPhone from the user Apple Worldwide Meeting on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. As the source of their information, they cite someone from inside of Apple’s main manufacturer, Foxconn.

touch home button

The new black alongside the rose gold and gold colors for the iPhone 7, credit: Apple Worldwide Meeting

In the short Weibo post, the Apple Worldwide Meeting confirms many of the rumors we have heard for the new iPhone 7 including its color options, the rumored disappearance of the headphone jack, and the Home button. The iPhone 7 will be available in the same colors as the iPhone 6s plus a new pure black. This will be a much darker version of space gray that should remind us of the black iPhone 4.  There will reportedly not be a blue model this year. As rumored, both the 3.5mm headphone jack and physical home button will be removed. The post does not specify what will be in place of the headphone jack, but the home button will be touch-only. It will likely be a touchpad that is incorporated into the display.

Additionally, the lack of the headphone jack and home button will cause the phone to be more water resistant. The phone will not be waterproof up to IP68, but it should be better at preventing damage from water.

touch home button

The alleged silent/mute switch for the new black iPhone 7, credit: Apple Worldwide Meeting

Apple Worldwide Meeting also leaked the silent/mute switch for the new black version of the iPhone 7. It is much darker in color than the iPhone 6s’ space gray mute switch. This could be more evidence that a new color is coming for the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in early September with the release date rumored for Friday, September 16th. It will be feature a slightly larger battery, a thinner design, and look similar to the iPhone 6s.

Report Claims to Show Off Apple’s New 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter
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Based on the leaks for the upcoming iPhone 7, it is all but confirmed that the iPhone will be the iPhone 6s sans the headphone jack. The phone will rely on Lightning and Bluetooth for audio in absence of the port. Earlier rumors suggested Apple is working on special Lightning adapter that will connect headphones to the Lightning port and now we may have our first look at it.

Lightning Adapter

The 3.5mm to Lightning adapter will allow headphones to connect to the new iPhone 7, credit:

A new report on a Vietnamese website claims to show off the new 3.5mm to Lightning adapter. The adapter would be used to connect regular headphones to the Lightning port of the new iPhone. The source claims it was obtained from one of the Foxconn accessory factories in Vietnam. It has a very Apple-like design resembling the .2 meter Lightning to 30-pin adapter.

When the adapter is plugged into an iPhone running the developer’s version of iOS 10, the phone accepts it as an authentic adapter. If it is plugged into an iPhone running iOS 9, the phone claims it does not support the adapter. This is significant because it proves its authenticity. The iPhone 7 will be the only phone that needs to use this adapter and it will run iOS 10 out of the box. It cannot downgrade to iOS 9 so there is no need for Apple to allow the old software to work with their new adapter.

Lightning Adapter

The Lightning adapter plugged into an iPhone 6s, credit:

Finally, the report claims the Lightning adapter will be included in the box with the iPhone 7. This makes sense since most everyone has at least one pair of headphones with a 3.5mm plug. Apple could either force their customers to pay for an an adapter or they could include it in the box for free. The former of which may turn customers off from buying a phone that is missing a crucial port. The company did not do this when the iPhone 5 was released with the new Lightning port because 30-pin accessories only work with Apple products. Headphones work with virtually every electronic product that allow for audio input/output. There is a greater need for an adapter for 3.5mm to Lightning so Apple will apparently give it to us.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in early September at a special media event. The iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 6s but have less antenna lines, a larger rear camera sensor, and potentially come in a new color.

Check out a video below of the Lightning adapter in action:

iPhone 7 to have 3D Touch Home Button, Not Physical Button

iPhone 6 Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac
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The iPhone 7 is expected to have another new component in addition to the headphone jack that will further distinguish it from the iPhone 6s. According to a report by Japanese site Wei Feng, the new phone will not have a physical home button. It will, instead, have a touchpad that simulates the feeling of a physical button.

3D Touch Home Button

A concept that shows what the iPhone 7 home button may look like, credit: Martin Hajek

Citing supply chains and a report on Macotakara, the site claims the home button will be a new 3D Touch-compatible pad that will provide tactile feedback to simulate a physical button. This design will eliminate the gap that the current home button causes when pressed.  This gap currently allows water to seep in which can cause damage to internal components. The waterproofness of the phone should increase with the new button. Plus the internal components behind the button will likely be slimmer since there will not be a physical button. The site says this might help Apple reduce the thickness of the phone too. The pad is expected to be still be located on the bottom bezel and have a ring around it that matches the color of the phone.

This is not the first time we have heard that Apple is changing the home button on the iPhone 7. The rumor has been circulating for a couple of months will no real hard evidence. Most of the leaked pictures for the new phone show the rear aluminum shell without the display attached. The headphone jack is part of the frame, which we can confirm is absent, but the home button is part of an assembled display. We have only seen one phone with the rear shell, front display, and touchpad home button. As we get closer to the launch of the iPhone, we should see more fully assembled displays that weigh into the argument around the new home button.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at a special media event in early September alongside the Apple Watch 2 and potentially a new iPad mini. The phone will be powered by the A10 processor, have a starting storage capacity of 32GB, and have a slightly larger battery.

Report Claims Apple Watch 2 Coming in Either Sept or Oct

Apple Watch
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The Apple Watch has been on the market for over a year and it is time for Apple to upgrade the design in favor of something thinner and with better battery life. According to a new report on the Chinese website Wei Feng, Apple is planning to announce a new version of the Apple Watch, dubbed “Apple Watch 2,” at the special media event in early September.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch, photo:

Citing Apple suppliers, the second-generation Apple Watch is expected to be announced in September and either released the same month or in October. Original rumors suggested an announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference but Apple instead focused on new software instead of new hardware. Now the watch is expected to come along side the iPhone 7. The release date is currently unknown, but it would be surprising if the watch did not come out in September.

The Apple Watch 2 will come with a refreshed design according to the report. It states that the watch may come with a cellular chip that would allow it to be independent of the iPhone. Currently the Apple Watch is tied to the iPhone and must stay within thirty feet in order for the watch to receive and send data. Once it gets outside this area, the watch has less smart features and more regular watch features since it is no longer connected to the Internet. The new watch will also be thinner, lighter, and may be getting a front-facing camera. Other reports have suggested new materials for the body like platinum and tungsten too.

Apple Watch sales have fallen from the previous year, according to the report. While Apple has not released actual sales numbers, one could only expect a decline after the watch being on the market for over a year without any hardware updates. Many users complain the battery life is not where it should be for a smartwatch, compared to the competition. Hopefully Apple will release a watch soon that will increase sales by providing a better design with longer battery life.

iPhone 7 Release Date Expectations: Sept. 16, Pre-orders to Start Sept. 9

iPhone 7 Release Date
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Earlier this week it was reported that the next-generation iPhone will be released to retail shops during the week on September 12th and then released for the public on September 16th. Based on what I have seen from Apple over the last four years of iPhone releases, I wanted to share my thoughts. There are four events that need to take place in September before the end of the month and the days they occur on are quite consistent from year-to-year. The Back-to-School promotion always ends before the iPhone is released, the special media event for the announcement of the new iPhone occurs on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the next-generation iOS is released on the following Wednesday, and the iPhone comes out either the same week or the week after on a Friday. The dates of these events are key for us to predict when we will be able to start buying the iPhone 7.

Back to School Event

iPhone 7 Release Date

Buy an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and get a free pair of Beats wireless headphones this year, credit: Apple.

Every summer Apple hosts their Back-to-School promotion which is a method they use to clear out stock of the old iPhone. Originally this sales event was limited to the Mac, but recently the company began to give free accessories or gifts cards with the purchase of an iPhone or iPad too. This year, customers can purchase an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and get a free pair of wireless Beats headphones. By offering a free gift with the purchase, Apple hopes to clear out the stock of the iPhone 6s ahead of the iPhone 7 announcement. The event ends on Monday, September 5th which happens to also be Labor Day.

Looking back at their previous promotions, the Back-to-School event always ends before the final release date of the new iPhone. There appears to be no correlation to other events in September, just that it ends before the new iPhone comes out.

Expected Special Media Event Date

iPhone 7 Release Date

The special media event invitation for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcement, credit: Apple

The next major event of September is the special media announcement for the latest iPhones and software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple will announce these products and then release them in the days/weeks following the event. This event, at least for the last four years, was held either on Tuesday or Wednesday and always the week before the newest software was released. With the exception of the iPhone 6s, it was also about a week and a half before the release of the new iPhone. Apple added an extra week between their announcement and the iPhone 6s launch.

Based on Apple’s history, the special media event will likely be held on Tuesday, September 6th or Wednesday, September 7th.

Expected iOS 10 Release Date

iPhone 7 release date

iOS 10 is coming this fall, specifically on September 14th , credit: Apple

Ever since Apple held their iPhone event in September, the newest software was always released before the iPhone came out so the new phones would ship with the latest software. It has always come out a week after the event and on the first Wednesday. We expect this year to be no different.

Taking into account the previous years’ of iOS updates, I expect iOS 10 will be released on Wednesday, September 14th.

Expected iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 Release Date

The leaked frame that is expected for the iPhone 7, credit:

Apple will be releasing their next-generation iPhone in September and this is the last major event for iPhone that will occur. The phone should come out in three styles: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro. The last of which is still in question, but the rumors support three version of the tenth generation iPhone. Additionally, the phone will look quite similar to the iPhone 6s with less antenna lines, a larger camera sensor, a headphone jack-less body, and a touchpad Home button. Taking in consideration previous iPhone launches in September, it is always released on a Friday and either occurs the same week as the newest iOS launch or the following week.

Based on our calculations, the iPhone 7 should come out either Friday, September 16th. Apple will take pre-orders for the iPhone starting Friday, September 9th.


Apple will host four major events in September like they do every year for updates in the software and hardware of the iPhone. They may also release another iPad, the second-generation Apple Watch, new Macs, and potentially another Apple TV. All have been rumored, we just have to wait to find out the truth on September 6th…


Also for further evidence; here is what the very reliable iPhone leaker @evleaks says about the iPhone 7: