iPhone 7

First component for iPhone 7 leaked

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The iPhone 7, which will be announced in September, has been quite active in the rumor mill for upcoming Apple products. Several Chinese websites have come out with details about what to expect for the new device and now a Taiwanese website is claiming to have a physical component. The pictures we see below, which was leaked by Apple Club, show the backlight for the iPhone 7.


While you may be wondering if this is for the iPhone 7 or for the iPhone 6c, we know for sure it’s the iPhone 7 due to it having the same 3D Touch display chip as the iPhone 6s. The less expensive iPhone 6c is not rumored to have 3D Touch since this technology is reserved for their premium lineup of smartphones. It’s similar to the iPhone 5c not having the Touch ID home button while the iPhone 5s did.

There’s a new connector at the top of the display which may be for a new feature or it could be related to the Touch ID home button or 3D Touch display. Hopefully more components will leak soon so we have a better understanding of its purpose.

The iPhone 7 is also rumored to be incredibly thin with no headphone port, waterproof and dustproof and come with a new casing material.

Report offers new insight to iPhone 7 design

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The next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 7, will undoubtedly have an all-new design. Since it’s a numbered generation (versus an S generation), it will see an update in its rear shell and front panel display. The design of the phone is up in air, but a new rumor provides some insight on what we will/will not see.


This iPhone 8 concept has a front and back panel made of glass (which is new material) and there’s no antenna lines. Hmm…

According to the Chinese-speaking Commercial Times, which cited a report from a research firm, the iPhone 7 will be made of a new compound material that will hide the antennas. Earlier reports coincide with the rumor of a new material for the rear case, but this is the first we have heard about non-visible antennas. Hopefully Apple has found a new material to use that would hide the antennas without compromising their functionality. Especially if you hold the phone different ways (#Antennagate anyone?).

The newspaper also said the phone would be waterproof, which lines up with every other report that has come out about the iPhone 7. The latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have increased water resistance due to added gaskets and silicone seals, which may be a hint that Apple is building up protection against water in its products. To make the iPhone waterproof, though, there would need to be more internal and external protection to stop water from seeping in around buttons, in the dock connector and the headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September 2016 at a special media event.

Five rumored prototypes in testing for iPhone 7

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Rumors for the upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to be announced next fall, have suggested a more water-resistant and durable design. Apple is also considering removing the headphone jack to make the phone more thin in addition to adding a few features. According to a post on G for Games, Apple is currently testing “at least five” different prototypes for the new iPhone, each with a different flagship feature.


Citing sources inside China as the leak for this information, one of the prototypes is for an iPhone with a USB-C connector inside of the Lightning connector. This in not out of character for Apple to do since they have changed the iPhone’s connector once before. The first change occurred when the iPhone 5 was released, which was five years after the original iPhone came out with the 30-pin connector. Changing to USB-C only four years after the iPhone 5 came out would not be weird. Like the iPhone 5, it would be met with unfriendly feedback until manufacturers could adapt to the new design with their accessories.

The second prototype is for an iPhone with wireless charging. Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, already have this capability. Since Apple would be entering the market late for wireless charging, it would be interesting to see their take on it. Perhaps we would see a small pad, similar to Square’s new card reader, that would be the home for your iPhone.


Another prototype design has multi-Force Touch as the flagship feature. This seems like the next step for Apple since they are all about the multi-touch display and the 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is limited to one finger.

Apple is also apparently testing a dual-camera system (like the first picture) for the iPhone 7. This was actually previously rumored to be a feature of the iPhone 6s due to report that came from a tech journalist and recent patents, but never came into fruition. Perhaps we will see in on the iPhone 7.


The final prototype that Apple is reporting testing is a phone with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the display. The Home button will likely be removed and, along with it, the thick bezels on the top and bottom of the display. This idea has been tossed around for some time with some concepts (like the one above) with a Home button in the display.

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iPhone 7 to drop 3.5mm headphone port

We imagined removing the headphone jack and make the bottom symmetrical.
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A few months ago, before the iPhone 6s came out, we created a concept for the new iPhone’s design. We dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack because we wanted to see how the iPhone would look with a more symmetrical design. This may have sounded far fetched at the time, but it may be exactly what Apple’s planning to do on the iPhone 7. A new report from Japanese blog Macotakara says Apple will drop the port in favor of Lightning and Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Better audio

We imagined removing the headphone jack to make the bottom symmetrical.

The report, which cites a reliable source, claims that Apple is considering removing the 3.5mm headphone port to help the phone be at least 1mm thinner. The current 3.5mm size is the world’s standard so Apple is unable to change it so their only option is to remove it. This make sense, though, because Apple is usually first to do away with popular technology. They first dropped floppy disc drives, then CD drives and now the new MacBook only has one USB drive. With music and entertainment available online, the need for CD and DVD drives is slowly dissipating. I can’t tell you the last time I bought a physical CD or DVD; all my entertainment comes from either Spotify, Apple Music or the iTunes Store.

The upcoming iPhone 7 will apparently also only use headphones that either connect through Bluetooth or through the Lightning port. Apple plans to include a Digital-to-Analog adapter with the phone that will go from the 3.5mm headphone port to Lightning for those headphones still in the past. In addition, the next-generation EarPods will have a Lightning connector.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September 2016 at Apple’s annual special media event. We will probably hear more details about the design early next year as well.

iPhone 7 rumored to retain same display and battery capacity as iPhone 6s

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Apple’s next-generation smartphone, likely called the “iPhone 7“, is slightly less than a year away but currently has several rumors surrounding its design. Since it is a numbered generation, like iPhone 6 or iPhone 5, it will feature a redesign that is currently rumored to be made of a different material than aluminum and it will be waterproof and dustproof. Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo suggests that the display will be the same as the iPhone 6s display, with TFT-LCD display technology. Another rumor suggests Apple will be retaining the battery capacity as well on their new iPhone.


Based on the recent moves by Apple’s head supplier, Foxconn, Kuo believes that Apple will retain the TFT-LCD display technology for the new few years. While other popular Android smartphones and even the Apple Watch use AMOLED displays, Apple has been having success with their displays and don’t plan to change any time soon. Kuo goes on to say that this will still be the display technology in 2017 for the iPhone 7s and 2018 for the iPhone 8.

In addition to keeping the same display, recent rumors suggested Apple will keep the same battery capacity for the iPhone 7 as well. The same battery will allow Apple to spend time advancing other technologies in the phone and hopefully make the software more energy efficient. In the previous major software update, iOS 9, Apple promised up to three hours of extra battery life likely due in part to the Low Power Mode that significantly reduces the battery drain. Apple may focus on software advancements instead of hardware advancements in the next iPhone. Hopefully Apple will also fix the many bugs that plague iOS 9 as well.