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Everything You Need to Know About Updating to iOS 10

iOS 10
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Today Apple will be releasing the tenth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The update comes with many new features like design refreshes in apps (Music, News, and more), a more social experience in Messages with stickers and full-screen effects, a better and friendly layout of Control Center and widgets, and many 3D Touch effects. The update should be arriving some time this afternoon.


Expectations for Sept. 7th Special Event: new iPhones, Apple Watch 2, and More

sept. 7th special event
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Apple’s highly anticipated fall special event is set to start tomorrow around 10am. They will be taking the stage in San Francisco to reveal many new products. While many of the designs for their products will look familiar, they are expected to set themselves up for entire product line refreshes. Here are our expectations for their event.

iPhone 7

sept. 7th special event

Fully functional iPhone 7 rear shell design, credit: Sina

sept. 7th special event

The iPhone 7 is practically guaranteed to be announced at the event on Wednesday. Rumors, leaked pictures, and specs have led us to this very moment where we know most everything about the phone. It will come in two sizes (4.7″ and 5.5″) and look similar to the iPhone 6s. The smaller 4.7″ iPhone 7 will have a single and larger rear facing camera, while the larger 5.5″ iPhone 7 Plus will have a two rear cameras. All the camera sensors will remain at 12MP, though. Both phones will have a tactile Home button that uses Force Touch to simulate the physical mechanism of a moving button. Additionally, the phones will not have the headphone jack but instead rely on Bluetooth and Lightning for audio. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will start at 32GB, be powered by the A10 processor, and have better battery capacities. In place of the headphone jack, there will be a second speaker grill which will be house an amplifier. Pre-orders are expected to begin on Friday, September 9th and the phone will either be released on Friday, September 16th or Friday, September 23rd.


Apple Watch 2

sept. 7th special event

Apple Watch, credit: Apple

sept. 7th special event

Leaked images and inside rumors suggest the second-generation Apple Watch will be coming at Apple’s event this week. The watch will look relatively similar to the current generation Apple Watch, except the internals will be highly upgraded. The new processor (or SoC) will be much faster and provide better battery life, the battery capacity will increase due to a thinner display, and the watch will be less dependent on the iPhone. Instead of relying on the phone to track location and speed, the watch will use the new GPS chip. It will still be dependent upon the iPhone for full functionality, though. The current Apple Watch will also be updated with the new processor and continue to be available for sale. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to be released in either September or October.


Software Updates

iOS 10

sept. 7th special event

All-new Music in iOS 10 from WWDC 2016

sept. 7th special event

The newest operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is also practically guaranteed to be announced. Historically, Apple announces the latest iOS at the keynote at WWDC in June and then releases it to the public in the fall. With the amount of beta versions given to developers (we are on #7 now), this shows the final version is underway and will be available to the public soon. The update brings many features to Messages; a fresh design to Music, Maps, and Photos; a new layout for widgets, the Lock screen, and Control Center; and new settings. iOS 10 will likely be released on Wednesday, September 14th.


watchOS 3

sept. 7th special event

The Apple Watch running watchOS 3 from Apple website

sept. 7th special event

The third-generation operating system for the Apple Watch was announced in June at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference and is expected to come out alongside iOS 10. The update brings faster apps with Background App Refresh, new watch faces that are easier to switch, fitness for those in a wheelchair, an optimized keyboard for writing letters, and a SOS feature. The SOS feature will allow the Apple Watch to automatically call for help with local emergency services and notify friends/family that you’re in need of help. Another feature will allow you to unlock your Mac when you are in close proximity to it wearing the Apple Watch. This update will likely come out on September 14th as well.



sept. 7th special event

The new tvOS has a Dark Mode so the background is no longer blinding you when watching TV before bed from Apple website

sept. 7th special event

The next-generation operating system for Apple TV (4th generation) will likely be announced at tomorrow’s event. The software update brings a few features to the Apple TV like single sign-on for multiple apps that require your TV provider’s subscription credentials, a special Dark Mode (versus the current bright and all-white “Light Mode”), redesigned Music app, and more advanced search with Siri. It is expected to be released on September 14th.


New Accessories

sept. 7th special event

The Lightning to Headphone Jack adapter to connect to the new iPhone 7, credit:

sept. 7th special event

Apple is expected to reveal Lightning-powered EarPods, wireless headphones called ‘AirPods,’ and a few Lightning-powered headphones under their Beats by Dr. Dre brand. Also, there will be a new adapter for Lightning to headphone for those users who still have traditional headphones but plan to upgrade the headphone jack-less iPhone 7. These should come alongside the iPhone 7 or be available before the phone is released.


iPad Pro 2

sept. 7th special event

The rumored 10.5″ iPad Pro will fit nicely between the 9.7″ (on the left) and 12.9″ (on the right), credit: Laptop Magazine

sept. 7th special event

The second-generation iPad Pro is currently in development and may be announced at tomorrow’s Apple event. Unfortunately this is more want, then based on any fact. Rumors suggest an announcement in October, or more than likely, some time next year. The iPad Pro will have a faster display technology for smoother scrolling, panning and zooming. There will also be three models released all based on screen sizes: 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch, and 12.9-inch with the smallest size offered as a low-cost option. The iPads will also have expanded support for the Apple Pencil.


iPad mini 5

sept. 7th special event

A collection of iPad minis from Apple website

sept. 7th special event

There have been no rumors for the fifth-generation iPad mini and the consensus is this tablet will be discontinued soon. It is very similar in size to the 5.5-inch iPhone Plus and lacks support for the new iPad Pro features.


Apple TV Internet Streaming Service

sept. 7th special event

Apple TV concept for Internet Streaming Service

sept. 7th special event

The Internet TV streaming service was expected to be announced alongside the Apple TV (4th generation) last year, but it was not ready yet. The service was rumored to be available for $30-$40 per month and come with about twenty-five channels from major networks. A year after the expected announcement date, the streaming service has not been made public and is likely a tabled idea. Perhaps we will see it in the future.


Other Updates

Apple may also follow their new tradition last year and jam pack all Mac updates into this special event, or have another event planned in October. Apple will announce macOS Sierra (the rebranding of OS X plus the new operating system name) alongside a refresh of their Mac lineup.


The special media event will kick off at 10am PDT, or 1pm EST, in San Fransisco and it will be live-streamed for all to watch.

Apple Releases iOS 9.3.5 with Important Security Updates

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On Thursday, Apple released another (and likely the last) update to iOS 9 that fixes a few serious security exploits. According to the New York Times, the exploits where found by NSO Group and it exposes contacts, calls, texts, and emails without first unlocking the device. The update is available for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models that are running iOS 9. This update is likely the last of its kind for iOS 9 since Apple is planning to release their next-generation software, iOS 10, next month. This update brings a great refresh with updates in Messages, Notification Center, Photos, and more.

ios 9.3.5

The iOS 9.3.5 update is highly recommended and can be installed over-the-air or through iTunes. Here’s how to update your phone.

Note: only devices already running iOS 9 can update to iOS 9.3.5.


  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to Software Update
  4. Tap Download and Install

Your device must be connected to Wi-Fi and have at least 50% battery power/be plugged in.



  1. Plug in your device to your PC or Mac
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Click on your device
  4. Open Summary tab
  5. Click Check for Update

iTunes will now download the update and install on your device.


This update is relatively small therefore it should only take a few minutes to download and install. It is recommended for all users to update their devices.


Apple announces iPhone SE, 9.7″ iPad Pro and new Apple Watch bands

Apple Watch announcement
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On Monday, Apple held their first special media event of the year where they announced the 4-inch iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro and new bands for Apple Watch. The event, as stated by Tim Cook, will be one of the last special events to be held Apple’s Town Hall at their Cupertino Campus.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE announcement

Apple announces the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE is Apple’s next-generation 4-inch iPhone that replaced the iPhone 5s in their lineup. While it does have relatively the same external design as the iPhone 5s, it has very upgraded internal specifications that allow it to match the iPhone 6s in terms of performance and camera quality. With its A9 processor and M9 embedded coprocessor, 12MP rear camera, 4K video recording, Live Photos functionality and rose gold color, it is almost a miniature version of the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE starts at $399 unsubsidized for 16GB, or free with a two-year contract. Pre-orders start Thursday, March 24th and it’s available Thursday, March 31st.


9.7″ iPad Pro

9.7" iPad Pro announcement

Apple announces the 9.7″ iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro, which is said to be one of Apple’s best products that customers love, received an update in terms of size. In addition to the 12.9″ model which came out last fall, there’s a new 9.7″ model that is successor to the iPad Air 2. It has a higher-quality display that is less reflective and brighter, dual stereo speakers, the A9X processor, 12MP rear (protruding camera) with 4K video recording and a new LED flash and a 5MP front camera. The smaller iPad Pro starts at $599 for the 32GB Wi-Fi only model and, like the iPhone SE, pre-orders start on March 24th and it’s released March 31st.

For the first time ever, Apple is offering the iPad Pro (both sizes) in a 256GB configuration. This significantly larger storage size is also rumored for the iPhone 7.


Apple Watch

Apple Watch announcement

Apple announces new bands for Apple Watch.

While we did not see a new Apple Watch model like many news outlets predicted, we did see a whole set of new bands and the Apple Watch Sport saw a price drop. There are now twenty-two different colors of the Sport band, with yellow, royal blue and apricot (light orange) added today, and seven colors of the new Woven Nylon band. It’s available in pink, blue, royal blue, red and black. The Apple Watch Sport now starts at $299 ($50 price decrease) for the 38mm model and $349 ($50 price decrease) for the 42mm model.


Other Updates

Apple released new software updates for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Apple Watch today. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can update to iOS 9.3 which has new features like Night Shift, password-protected Notes and better personalization in News. For the Apple TV, tvOS 9.2 is available with Siri remote dictation, app folders and iCloud Photo Library. The Apple Watch can also be updated to watchOS 2.2, which comes with an enhanced Maps app and support for multiple watch pairing. With the exception of the Apple Watch, all of these updates can be downloaded through the Settings app on their respective devices. The Apple Watch update can be downloaded via the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

iOS 9.3 brings Night Mode, Touch ID-protected notes and more

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.28.01 PM
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Ahead of Apple’s rumored special media event in March, Apple previews the next update to their mobile operating system called iOS 9.3. This update will bring many new features, like Night Shift (which differs from Low Light Mode) and passcode-protected notes. While iOS 9.3 currently doesn’t have a release date, we can bet we will see it sometime in the spring.

Night Shift mode on iPad

In Apple’s newest update, Night Shift adjusts the color of the light on your device to prevent disruption to your sleep cycle. The device uses your location and clock to determine when the sun is set and automatically turns the bright blue lights to colors on the warmer end of the spectrum. Studies show that blue lights awaken you while warmer colors, like yellow, make it easier on your eyes. This feature is currently turned on in the Settings app, but the Canadian Apple Store iOS 9.3 preview site shows it also being accessed in Control Center.

A few of Apple’s apps are also getting updates. In the Notes app, you can now set a passcode or use Touch ID to lock content in a note. For example, if you have a note with all your usernames and passwords in it, a lock can be placed on it so only you can view it. The News app is receiving better personalization tailored to articles that will interest you, videos will play in the feed and the app works in landscape mode on the iPhone. Finally, the Health app will display new metrics from your Apple Watch, like Move, Exercise and Stand, and third-party apps will be suggested in special categories.

Classroom app iPad

The update also adds support for multi-users on iPads used for education purposes called Shared iPad, a new Classroom app for teachers, Shared View to allow teachers to view what’s currently on the iPads in their classroom and more. Apple added tons of new features for education with iOS 9.3 and we hope to see many of these features available for the general public soon too.

There are some features that are not on Apple’s preview page, but have been noticed by developers running the iOS 9.3 beta. This first beta brings support for more languages with Siri, 3D Touch support for Weather, Health, Compass, Settings, iTunes Store and App Store, tactic feedback with multitasking for iPhone 6s/6s Plus, a “Duplicate” button in Photos app and more.

In addition to this update, we should see the Apple Watch 2, iPad Air 3 and iPhone 6c at the spring event.

Apple releases iOS 9.2 with new functions for Apple Music

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On Tuesday, Apple released iOS 9.2 to the public for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new software update comes with quite a few bug fixes and improvements to Apple Music, News, iBooks and more.


In the Music app, with Apple Music, we see more functions when adding music to your library. When you add a song, you have the option to create a new playlist with it or choose from existing playlists. Those playlists that have been changed recently (i.e. had a new song added), will show at the top of the list. You no longer have to scroll through your playlists alphabetically each time to add songs. Also, a new indicator appears next to recently downloaded songs so it’s easier to find them.

Apple brought in a new Top Stories section in News for staying up-to-date with the most important news of the day, they added 3D Touch features to iBooks and enabled Mail Drop in the Mail app for sending large attachments. Finally, the update brings Siri support for Arabic and support for the USB Camera Adapter.

In addition to iOS 9.2, Apple also released tvOS 9.1 for Apple TV and watchOS 2.1 for Apple Watch.


Apple releases iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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On Wednesday, Apple released iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This new software is the first major update to iOS 9 and it comes with plenty of bug fixes, new features and improvements for new features.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.21.41 PM

  • 150 new Emojis, including a taco, unicorn, the middle finger and nerdy face
  • Contact photos can be switched on/off on iPhone 6 in Messages app
  • Apple News is now available in the UK
  • Live Photos improvements: no longer records when picking up and putting down the camera on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Planetary wallpapers are slightly tweaked in their design

The iOS 9.1 software update can be downloaded over-the-air through the Settings app or with iTunes. If you don’t see the update, disconnect from Wi-Fi and use cellular data to view the update, then go back to Wi-Fi to download and install it.

This post will be updated as more features are discovered…

Apple releases iOS 9.0.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Today Apple released a second minor update to its iOS 9 operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This update, called iOS 9.0.2, brings more bug fixes to system.

“This update contains bug fixes and improvements including:
– Fixes an issue with the setting to turn on or off app cellular data usage
– Resolves an issue that prevented iMessage activation for some users
– Resolves an issue where an iCloud backup could be interrupted after starting a manual backup
– Fixes an issue where the screen could incorrectly rotate when receiving notifications
– Improves the stability of Podcasts”


We expect the next update to be iOS 9.1 (unless Apple finds more bugs in the operating system), which brings new Emojis, special voice settings for “Hey Siri,” more Messages settings and functionality to the iPad Pro when it launches in November.

Here are the best features of iOS 9

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 4.32.18 PM
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The ninth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was released on Wednesday. The major update comes with a bunch of new features, like the system-wide San Fransisco font, Proactive Search, the News app and more. Here we give you our favorite features and how they can be come your favorites too.

1. Grouping Notifications


Tap the (x) and Clear to remove all notifications for the day.

In Notification Center, notifications can either be grouped by app or now iOS 9’s new feature: day. For example, notifications grouped by apps will be grouped by the app they belong to regardless of the time they came in. Notifications grouped by day will put together depending upon the time they came in (i.e. Today or Yesterday). This makes it a lot easier to delete notifications since you can delete a whole day’s worth with two taps.

Settings app –> Notifications –> Group by App (switch off)

2. Reminders on Lock Screen


Don’t forget to call eBay about those seller fees!

When you set a time- or location-specific reminder for yourself, the reminder will permanently display on the Lock screen until you clear it. No matter how many times you lock/unlock your device, the reminder will always be there.

3. Back to all Photos


We took the screenshot in mid-action so you’ll see words overlapping each other.

Apple has finally updated the Photos app to make it easier to exit out of photos being viewed. Previously the picture’s borders had to be white and the back button had to be pressed to return to all your photos. With iOS 9, you can drag the picture down to return to all your photos.

4. Back to [App]

Go back to Facebook with the new button in the top left corner.

Go back to Facebook with the new button in the top left corner.

When you’re in an app or in Spotlight Search and you tap on another app, you’ll see a new back button appear on the top left corner of the display. It replaces the carrier and Wi-Fi information (if applicable). This button allows you to return to where you previously were. For example, tapping on a game in Facebook may bring you to the game app or the App Store. The button will appear in the top left allowing you to return to Facebook without needing to open up the app switcher to go back to Facebook.

5. Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode disables all extra features that require a constant data connection, like mail fetch and automatic downloads.

Low Power Mode disables all extra features that require a constant data connection, like mail fetch and automatic downloads.

The iPhone has a new function called Low Power Mode that can increase your battery life significantly. This mode turns your battery icon yellow, turns on battery percentage, turns off mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and reduces or turns off the visual effects and shortens the auto-lock to 30 seconds. Using this mode has allowed us to get significantly more battery power. We used our iPhones all-day which typically brings our 100% battery life down to a low percent. When we turned on Low Power Mode, our 50% charged battery survived the same day and made it to 8%. This mode definitely helps prolong your battery power.

If you are still running iOS 8 or you are unsure what software you are running on your Apple device, go to the Settings app, tap on General and Software Update. If your device can be updated, it will show you here or it will say that your device is running the latest version.

Here’s all the details for the iOS 8.4 update coming today at 11am EST

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At 8am PST (or 11am for those of us on the Eastern side of the United States), Apple will release its iOS 8.4 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This last major update to iOS 8 brings a completely revamped Music app with Apple Music, some design tweaks, bug fixes and a new Audiobooks player in iBooks.


The all-new Music app will be home to both Apple Music and music purchased from the iTunes Store. Apple Music is made up of three basic components. The first, which is the on-demand music service, allows paid subscribers to access the entire iTunes Store library of over 30 million songs for unlimited streaming. Apple gives new users a 3-month free trial with the service and then it will be $9.99/month for individuals or $14.99/month for families once the trial ends. The second component is the radio which is made up of Beats 1, the new global 24/7 radio hosted in three cities with several guest stars, and playlists listed by genre created by humans (not computer algorithms). Beats 1 starts its first broadcast an hour after iOS 8.4 launches. Finally, there’s a section called Connect that will let users follow their favorite artists and view sound clips, photos, videos and more shared by them. This section won’t be just limited to the major artists, unsigned artists can connect with their fans on here too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.47.24 AM

The Music app also received a complete redesign with many new features and a fresh icon. It is organized into five tabs: ‘For You’, ‘New’, ‘Radio’, ‘Connect’ and ‘My Music.’ The ‘For You’ tab recommends playlists, albums and music based on your likes and the ‘New’ tab shows new music that’s also based on your likes. The ‘Radio’ and ‘Connect’ tabs, as we mentioned above, are part of Apple Music. Finally, the ‘My Music’ tab is all the music that you own, including those stored on your device and in the cloud.  For new features, there’s a MiniPlayer that subtly opens up when music is played, playlists can be personalized with pictures, descriptions and names, Up Next functionality to chose which songs play next and improved Now Playing to focus on artwork of albums and the music you’re listening to.

The iOS 8.4 update can be downloaded over-the-air with the Settings app (go to: General –> Software Update –> Download & Install) or with iTunes (plug in your device and click Check for Update).

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