Rumored iOS 10 features: colorful notifications, pro editing in Photos, Siri SDK

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app
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The tenth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is now only six days away from being announced and we have more ideas about what Apple is planning to announce. Mark Gurman, formerly of 9to5Mac, was interviewed by The Jay & Farhad Show and detailed a few more changes about what we should see.

Rumored iOS 10 features

iOS 10, via

Gurman warns that these updates are not one hundred percent guaranteed, but are being talked about as potential changes. With that being said, here is what we may see with iOS 10:

  • System-wide changes: minor user interface updates with more color with notifications and app icons tweaked
  • Photos app: big enhancements with more pro editing options and the Markup from the Mail app
  • Music app: redesigned app with more black and white like Spotify, main color will be from the album artwork, user interface will be refreshed and easier to navigate, Connect, New, and For You tabs updated
    • Connect tab: will lose its place and significance
    • New tab: renamed to Browse and have a new menu
    • For You: design changes
  • Siri: Siri SDK coming to allow third-party apps to be used with Siri, ex: “Hey Siri, call me an Uber” or “Hey Siri, create a new playlist in Spotify”
  • Messages app: potentially send money to other people with Apple Pay via iMessage
  • Security: new encryption software, better security

During the interview, Gurman also covered details about what he is expecting for this year’s and next year’s iPhone. The 2016 iPhone, which is likely called “iPhone 7,” will be more of a modest update with less antenna lines and the headphone jack will be removed. He notes that the reasoning behind taking the headphone jack away is because Apple is now able to focus on enhancing the sound quality with the Lightning port and now there will only be one port to waterproof, instead of the previous two. Next year’s iPhone will be a complete redesign, almost like a “reset” button on the iPhone. There are talks that it will no longer have a bottom, top, or side bezel, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be in the display, and Apple is planning to make the screen size larger but the form factor smaller. Apple has several prototypes for the new phone with some using a screen size of six inches. In the future, Gurman predicts that there will be incremental updates for iPhone each year and no longer will there be a complete redesign every other year.

The tenth generation operating system is expected to be released in September alongside the iPhone 7 and the second generation Apple Watch.

via 9to5Mac

iOS 10 Concept: Locked Settings, QR Code Reader, new Control Center

iOS 10 concept
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Apple’s next-generation operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is only nine days away from being announced and there have been little to no rumors hinting what the update will come with. Being the tenth version, we hope and expect they will do something big. While we wait for the rumors to start flowing, here is an amazing iOS 10 concept video for the update and a few of our favorite features.


The iOS 10 concept video above was created by Ralph Theodory, who also created a few other concept videos for iOS 9 before its release. His concept introduces many innovative features to iOS and some that we have been asking for for months. Here are some of our favorite features:

The first feature, which is an update for the Camera app, would allow the phone to read barcodes and QR codes with the viewfinder. The phone will then display information about what was scanned, like name of the product, price, weight, etc.  Apple could take this feature a step further by incorporating it into the Health app. The company could introduce a calorie and nutrition counting app, similar to MyFitnessPal, that would record food intake by simply scanning a barcode and asking the user to specify details about their meal. This information could update the Health app with calorie and nutrition, which would then be used by the Apple Watch and other third-party accessories when determining calories burned. Apple has a history of taking apps created by third-parties and making them into their own, like the stock Google Maps app being replaced by the Maps app, or the News app having a design similar to the Flipboard app. This new Camera and Health app integration would not be uncharacteristic of Apple to do.

iOS 10 concept

iOS 10 concept shows certain settings requiring Touch ID to change, via Ralph Theodory

For the next update, Apple should use the Mac as inspiration for features to be added to the iPhone and iPad. The above concept video shows certain settings options, like privacy settings, requiring Touch ID in order to change. This feature should have been added years so since it is already on the Mac. This would increase the security of the iPhone. Also, Apple could stop the text replacement prank by requiring Touch ID or a passcode to add autocorrections. Like when you text “Hello” and your cruel friend forces it to automatically correct to “I hate you” or “go away.” That text seemed to be sent as “Hello,” but by pressing Enter the Text Replacement feature kicked in and you’re now sending “I hate you” to your mother. (This is the PG version of the joke.) Also, the iPad should have split view when viewing iPhone-only apps, like Instagram. The iPad could allow two iPhone-only apps to be used side-by-side.

iOS 10 concept

iOS 10 concept with a more expandable and customizable Control Center on iPad, via Ralph Theodory

Control Center definitely needs to be updated since it is incredible cluttered and disorganized. Even if Apple does not open up customization, or take advantage of the extra real estate for functions on the iPad, they need to move the settings around. Currently, the bottom row quick opens apps except for Night Shift which is not an app. This feature should have been added to the top row along with other settings, like Wi-Fi. Other things you enable/disable.

Finally, the Music app is rumored to get a complete overhaul with larger album pictures, a more black and white interface, and update menu tabs. Hopefully Apple will also allow customization for the quick settings when listening to a song. By default, the bottom row allows you to Share a song, Shuffle the music, Repeat a song or the playlist, and open More settings. This could be changed to be more customizable and switch out unused settings, like Share, for used settings, like Lyrics. The Equalizer Control interface created in the concept is amazing and definitely Apple-like. Hopefully we will see this soon.

iOS 10 concept

iOS 10 concept shows new modes in Music app with a customizable lower menu bar, via Ralph Theodory

The tenth-generation operating system comes out in nine days and we sincerely hope to see some of these features on the big screen at WWDC. The software will be available first to developers (likely on the same day as the announcement) and then released to the public in the fall.

If you liked what you saw in the video, Theodory has also posted a link for all the wallpapers he created.

iOS 10 rumors: Music app to get major overhaul

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app
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The next major software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is expected to be announced in a little over a month at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in California. This update, which is the tenth version of the software and likely called ‘iOS 10’, will hopefully be quite big and bring an overhaul of changes like iOS 7. Rumors for the update, however, have been quite absence and we are unsure of the details of the update. Bloomberg reported one of the first iOS 10 rumors saying that the Music app will be more “intuitive” and have a refreshed design. 9to5Mac took the report a step further to check in with their inside sources to see what exactly Apple has in store.

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app

Apple Music

According to multiple sources familiar with the new Music app, Apple is planning to update the app with a redesigned user interface, added features, and a reorganization of current features. First and foremost, they will make San Francisco the system-wide font throughout the Music app and all of their apps. They will change the colorful and translucent design to be more black and white with menu and tab titles being larger and bolder. Album artwork will be more prominent when listening to music, instead of how it currently only takes up half of the screen. In addition, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will make use of their 3D Touch displays with song previews and shortcuts for sharing content.

Apple is also updating a few of their tabs, with the ‘For You’ and ‘New’ tabs on the receiving end of the greatest reorganization. The ‘For You’ tab currently makes recommendations based on the music you listen to and like. It will continue to use the same algorithm for recommendations, but the layout will be simplified. The ‘New’ tab will be renamed to ‘Browse’ and should continue to show the same content. The ‘Connect’ and ‘Radio’ tab are not planned to see many updates.

In terms of new features, Apple is bringing support for lyrics integration. Song labels can automatically integrate lyrics into their songs, or users can manually do it with the Mac. Initially, only a few artists will support lyrics in their apps (like Taylor Swift and U2), but more artists will be coming soon.

The new Music app will be a part of iOS 10 with an expected announcement during the keynote at WWDC in June. Developers and public beta testers will have first access to the updated app over the summer and the public will get it in mid-September.

via 9to5Mac


Apple working on iOS 9.3.2 to fix many bugs present in iOS 9.3.1

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Despite the amount of people testing software updates to Apple’s products, they are still quite buggy when released. According to those in the public beta test program and developers, Apple is working on another update to iOS 9.3, called iOS 9.3.2. This is the second version of the iOS 9.3 update.

The first version, iOS 9.3.1, was immediately pushed out to resolve issues that many users saw when using their devices. The biggest bug was present on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. App crashes occurred when users tried clicking links inside of Safari and other third-party apps. Other iPhone users had difficult with battery drain, missing functions, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth not working. The update attempted to resolve these issues, but brought in a few of its own.

Users are still experiencing the same issues with iOS 9.3.1 as they were before the update and there are a few new bugs. There are the same Wi-Fi issues and unusual battery drain, and now the iPhone SE users are suffering with a brand new product. Apparently the Bluetooth functionality of the new phone is having problems. Apple is aware of these issues and hope to fix them soon.

Since Apple is working on a new update, iOS 9.3.2, there may be hope on the horizon. The new update will reportedly improve the stability of iOS and squash many bugs present in the current software. After this, we may seen another update, iOS 9.4, and then the next major update, iOS 10. The release date of iOS 9.3.2 is unknown at this point, but it should be out within the next month.

via 9to5Mac

Here is what Apple is announcing at their March event

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
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Apple is currently ramping up their production on three new products to be announced at their special media event in March. The latest rumors have pointed to the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and new models for the Apple Watch to be announced, along with some software updates like iOS 9.3. The source of our report, 9to5Mac, has all the details for us.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The iPhone 5se, which is Apple’s 4-inch iPhone, is a hybrid device of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and Phone 6s. It has a 4-inch display with curved glass in a rear aluminum shell with visible antenna breaks (like the iPhone 6). The phone is powered by the A9 and M9 processors, has 16GB and 64GB storage capacities, the NFC chip and Touch ID home button for Apple Pay, an 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera and the ability to take Live Photos. The phone, however, will not have the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch display. Apple will also reveal the release date for iOS 9.3.

Rumors for the iPad Air 3 have been scarce, but recent (and questionable) reports suggest a similar design with new features. According to a sketch for the tablet, it will have four stereo speakers like the iPad Pro and a rear LED flash. It may also have a 4K resolution display, 4GB of RAM and improved battery life. This is the first we have heard about these rumors so they may not be true, but at least we have a starting point for what we should see in March.

Finally, Apple will be releasing new models and bands for the Apple Watch. The second-generation watch, which was expected to come out at the event, is apparently not in the works to come out until Apple’s fall event alongside the iPhone 7. At this event in March, instead, we will see multiple new colors for the Sport bands, more colors for the Hermes band collection, a black version of the Milanese Loop and a new band made out of a new material. Apple will also reveal the release date for watchOS 2.2.

iOS 9.3 brings Night Mode, Touch ID-protected notes and more

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.28.01 PM
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Ahead of Apple’s rumored special media event in March, Apple previews the next update to their mobile operating system called iOS 9.3. This update will bring many new features, like Night Shift (which differs from Low Light Mode) and passcode-protected notes. While iOS 9.3 currently doesn’t have a release date, we can bet we will see it sometime in the spring.

Night Shift mode on iPad

In Apple’s newest update, Night Shift adjusts the color of the light on your device to prevent disruption to your sleep cycle. The device uses your location and clock to determine when the sun is set and automatically turns the bright blue lights to colors on the warmer end of the spectrum. Studies show that blue lights awaken you while warmer colors, like yellow, make it easier on your eyes. This feature is currently turned on in the Settings app, but the Canadian Apple Store iOS 9.3 preview site shows it also being accessed in Control Center.

A few of Apple’s apps are also getting updates. In the Notes app, you can now set a passcode or use Touch ID to lock content in a note. For example, if you have a note with all your usernames and passwords in it, a lock can be placed on it so only you can view it. The News app is receiving better personalization tailored to articles that will interest you, videos will play in the feed and the app works in landscape mode on the iPhone. Finally, the Health app will display new metrics from your Apple Watch, like Move, Exercise and Stand, and third-party apps will be suggested in special categories.

Classroom app iPad

The update also adds support for multi-users on iPads used for education purposes called Shared iPad, a new Classroom app for teachers, Shared View to allow teachers to view what’s currently on the iPads in their classroom and more. Apple added tons of new features for education with iOS 9.3 and we hope to see many of these features available for the general public soon too.

There are some features that are not on Apple’s preview page, but have been noticed by developers running the iOS 9.3 beta. This first beta brings support for more languages with Siri, 3D Touch support for Weather, Health, Compass, Settings, iTunes Store and App Store, tactic feedback with multitasking for iPhone 6s/6s Plus, a “Duplicate” button in Photos app and more.

In addition to this update, we should see the Apple Watch 2, iPad Air 3 and iPhone 6c at the spring event.

Apple releases iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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On Wednesday, Apple released iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This new software is the first major update to iOS 9 and it comes with plenty of bug fixes, new features and improvements for new features.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.21.41 PM

  • 150 new Emojis, including a taco, unicorn, the middle finger and nerdy face
  • Contact photos can be switched on/off on iPhone 6 in Messages app
  • Apple News is now available in the UK
  • Live Photos improvements: no longer records when picking up and putting down the camera on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Planetary wallpapers are slightly tweaked in their design

The iOS 9.1 software update can be downloaded over-the-air through the Settings app or with iTunes. If you don’t see the update, disconnect from Wi-Fi and use cellular data to view the update, then go back to Wi-Fi to download and install it.

This post will be updated as more features are discovered…

Apple releases iOS 9.0.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Today Apple released a second minor update to its iOS 9 operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This update, called iOS 9.0.2, brings more bug fixes to system.

“This update contains bug fixes and improvements including:
– Fixes an issue with the setting to turn on or off app cellular data usage
– Resolves an issue that prevented iMessage activation for some users
– Resolves an issue where an iCloud backup could be interrupted after starting a manual backup
– Fixes an issue where the screen could incorrectly rotate when receiving notifications
– Improves the stability of Podcasts”


We expect the next update to be iOS 9.1 (unless Apple finds more bugs in the operating system), which brings new Emojis, special voice settings for “Hey Siri,” more Messages settings and functionality to the iPad Pro when it launches in November.

Here are the best features of iOS 9

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 4.32.18 PM
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The ninth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was released on Wednesday. The major update comes with a bunch of new features, like the system-wide San Fransisco font, Proactive Search, the News app and more. Here we give you our favorite features and how they can be come your favorites too.

1. Grouping Notifications


Tap the (x) and Clear to remove all notifications for the day.

In Notification Center, notifications can either be grouped by app or now iOS 9’s new feature: day. For example, notifications grouped by apps will be grouped by the app they belong to regardless of the time they came in. Notifications grouped by day will put together depending upon the time they came in (i.e. Today or Yesterday). This makes it a lot easier to delete notifications since you can delete a whole day’s worth with two taps.

Settings app –> Notifications –> Group by App (switch off)

2. Reminders on Lock Screen


Don’t forget to call eBay about those seller fees!

When you set a time- or location-specific reminder for yourself, the reminder will permanently display on the Lock screen until you clear it. No matter how many times you lock/unlock your device, the reminder will always be there.

3. Back to all Photos


We took the screenshot in mid-action so you’ll see words overlapping each other.

Apple has finally updated the Photos app to make it easier to exit out of photos being viewed. Previously the picture’s borders had to be white and the back button had to be pressed to return to all your photos. With iOS 9, you can drag the picture down to return to all your photos.

4. Back to [App]

Go back to Facebook with the new button in the top left corner.

Go back to Facebook with the new button in the top left corner.

When you’re in an app or in Spotlight Search and you tap on another app, you’ll see a new back button appear on the top left corner of the display. It replaces the carrier and Wi-Fi information (if applicable). This button allows you to return to where you previously were. For example, tapping on a game in Facebook may bring you to the game app or the App Store. The button will appear in the top left allowing you to return to Facebook without needing to open up the app switcher to go back to Facebook.

5. Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode disables all extra features that require a constant data connection, like mail fetch and automatic downloads.

Low Power Mode disables all extra features that require a constant data connection, like mail fetch and automatic downloads.

The iPhone has a new function called Low Power Mode that can increase your battery life significantly. This mode turns your battery icon yellow, turns on battery percentage, turns off mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and reduces or turns off the visual effects and shortens the auto-lock to 30 seconds. Using this mode has allowed us to get significantly more battery power. We used our iPhones all-day which typically brings our 100% battery life down to a low percent. When we turned on Low Power Mode, our 50% charged battery survived the same day and made it to 8%. This mode definitely helps prolong your battery power.

If you are still running iOS 8 or you are unsure what software you are running on your Apple device, go to the Settings app, tap on General and Software Update. If your device can be updated, it will show you here or it will say that your device is running the latest version.

What to expect for Apple’s September and October events

The invitation for the iPhone 6 event last year
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In the upcoming fall season, Apple is expected to hold two special media events to announce the new iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. Rumors have pointed to September for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c, Apple TV and iPad mini 4, while the iPad Pro and other Mac products will be shown off in October. Based on all these rumors, here’s what we expect in the coming months.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple event announcing the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, September 9, 2014. REUTERS/Stephen Lam (United States - Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS) - RTR45KU8

The first special media event date, which was leaked by Buzzfeed News as September 9th, we will see the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6c, Apple TV and iPad mini 4. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will have the same design as their predecessors, but they have the new pressure-sensitive Force Touch display, 12MP rear camera, A9 processor and other updated internal components.  As for the iPhone 6c, it will be an iPhone 5s/iPhone 6 encased in a plastic housing. The phone will have a 4″ display and be powered by the A8 processor, come with Touch ID and the dual-LED flash with 8MP camera. The fourth generation Apple TV will have a slimmer body with new touchpad remote. It will run a special version of iOS 9 with a full App Store and have support for Siri and HomeKit. Finally, the iPad mini 4 is uncharacteristically rumored to be announced at the September event. It will come with a fully laminated display like the iPad Air 2, be powered by the A8 processor and have an 8MP rear camera.

Typically the iPad mini is announced alongside the iPad Air in October, but the iPad Air 3 will be coming out in 2016 and the iPad mini only received an incremental update last year so it’s time for something more significant. The announcement date for the mini has been moved to September. Apple will still be holding a special event in October, but it will primarily be focused on the iPad Pro and Mac.

At Apple’s October event, the long-rumored iPad Pro, which is a hybrid device between Mac and iPad, and news Macs will be announced. The iPad Pro has a 12.9″ display and will likely be the star of Apple’s event. It will be powered by the A9 processor, come with Bluetooth and NFC, feature a Force Touch display and come with an optional stylus. It’s currently a “wildcard” for the September event, but more than likely, Apple will keep it until October when they have more time to tell everyone about their latest creation.