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Mini invitation

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Apple has a “little” more to show us before the end of the year ūüôā Rumors suggest a new Mac mini, iPad mini and Retina 13″ Macbook Pro.

Apple always hides clues in all their invitations. Perhaps the first one is that “little” refers to the little iPad mini, the little lightning connector in a revamped iPad 3rd generation, the little Mac mini and little 13″ Macbook Pro with a Retina display. So clever Apple :). The background could refer to the colors that the iPad Mini would come in (although rumors have only said two colors: black and white.) So maybe Apple would suprise everyone with colored iPad minis.


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Can I just say that the new iPod commercial called “Bounce” by Apple is just amazing?

It is definitely better than the Apple Genius commercials that aired during the Superbowl.  It is fun to watch the iPods bounce into other iPods and show off all of their colors.

Here’s a link if you have yet to see it: Bounce.

Although, the moral of the story is that iPods can bounce, if you drop an iPod touch, it will break into a few iPod nano’s and those will break into iPod shuffle’s if the nano is dropped. So I think I will buy an iPod touch, drop it and then sell a couple of the iPod nano’s that come from it lol.

iPhone 5 Camera

iphone 5 silver
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So now it’s official, the iPhone 5 has come out. ¬†We all know what it looks like and its back ordered into beyond oblivion with the high demand. ¬†Apple made a decent product that is an update to the iPhone 4S. ¬†It feature a taller display, a thinner design, 4G LTE connectivity, iOS 6 and many other new and exciting features. ¬†It has been rated thumbs up numerous times magazines and websites about the strength of the new iPhone 5, but I am not sold. ¬†I think Apple didn’t go far enough with it, starting with the camera.

Let me explain.  The design on the new iPhone 5 is similar two the previous generations.  It still has the bar shape with a flat back and front, the same type of band surrounding the iPhone and it has the same megapixel camera as the iPhone 4S.

Evolution of iPhones

Apple came out with the original iPhone with a basic, two-tone design. ¬†It had a combined both aluminum and plastic onto it’s back cover and only came in one color. ¬†It featured a back camera with the capability of producing 2.0MP pictures. ¬†The iPhone progressed into the iPhone 3G the next year with a completely new design. ¬†The back cover was made of a hard polycarbonate plastic, the camera remained at 2.0MP, but came in both white and black (for only certain models.) The iPhone 3GS came out the following year, with the same outside design, but a new redesigned interior. ¬†It featured the same back cover material as the 3G, but minor changes were made with the text on the back, it had a new 3.0MP camera and came in black and white as well (for special models.) ¬†The iPhone 4 had a stainless steel frame and the back and front of the device were made from an aluminosilicate glass, the camera evolved to 5.0MP ¬†and a front camera was introduced at 0.3MP and came in black and white (although not initially.) ¬†The iPhone was replaced by the iPhone 4S, it featured the same stainless steel frame and aluminosilicate glass, the back camera changed to a 8.0MP one and the front remained at 0.3MP and came in the same colors as the iPhone 4. ¬†Now the iPhone 5 has risen, the back cover is made from aluminum and either ceramic glass (featured on the white and silver model) or pigmented glass (featured on the black and slate model), the back camera has remained at 8.0MP and the front camera evolved to 1.2MP, and its available in white and black as well.

The cameras evolved as follows:

iPhone 1: 2.0MP back only

iPhone 3G: 2.0MP back only

iPhone 3GS: 3.0MP back only

iPhone 4: 5.0MP back, 0.3MP front

iPhone 4S: 8.0MP back, 0.3MP front

iPhone 5: 8.0MP back, 1.2MP front

We expect an iPhone to come out, a new updated version to come out the following year and then a complete redesign to follow. ¬†With the way Apple has been making smartphones, we should expect a new design (both inside and out), every two years. ¬†I feel Apple has fallen short on this with the camera. ¬†The difference between the 3GS’ camera and the 4’s camera is 2.0MP, but the difference between the 4S’ camera and the new 5 is 0.0MP. ¬†Many smartphones that are coming out this year have 8.0MP cameras on them. ¬†The iPhone won’t get updated for another year and we are stuck with a 8.0MP camera until then. ¬†Apple had the opportunity, the expectation to change the camera and get ahead of the competition with a 10.0MP camera, but yet, they fell short.