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4G LTE is in Orono, ME

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I am having a geekgasim because 4G LTE on Verizon is now in Orono, Maine.  It is something that I never thought would happen in this year and it has.  I’m so excited.

Currently I am in Boardman Hall at the University of Maine in Orono and I tested the speed of 4G LTE vs. the WiFi here on campus and here are my results:

University WiFi:

Download 10.00 Mbps, Upload 7.26 Mbps, Ping 13 ms

Verizon 4G LTE:

Download 13.51 Mbps, Upload 11.72 Mbps, Ping 64ms

What you want to have is a large number for both download and upload.  Mbps is megabytes per second and the more megabytes that can be uploaded/downloaded per second is better.  So 4G LTE is better than the WiFi at the University.  Amazing 😀

I am kind of hyper right now and pretty much just made my day.

iPod Christmas Guide 2012

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So you may be interested in getting your friend, a relative or someone really close to you an iPod for Christmas and the biggest problem that you may face is not only what color to get, but what type of iPod. There’s the iPod shuffle, the nano, the touch and the classic (yes it still exists.) Sure you may know the difference on a basic level, the shuffle shuffles your music, the nano stores only a few songs, the touch is pretty much an iPhone without cellular and the classic is old and holds a lot of music. But this guide will help you decide which iPod is perfect for the right person.

Let’s start with the inexpensive:

iPod shuffle 2GB $49

(comes in blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, grey, black and product red)

The iPod Shuffle features a clickable control without a screen. It won’t show you your music, but it will tell you with the push of a button what song is playing (called VoiceOver). It also features a clip on it to attach to clothing and comes with the regular Apple Earphones.

The shuffle can survive being dropped, being submerged in water, thrown around and an entire marathon. Plus its only $49 so it’s not that expensive to replace. It only holds hundred of songs, so its best for someone with a small library or someone who knows which songs they want on their iPod. If they have 1200 songs and are indecisive like me, I’d try something with more room for music.

iPod nano 16GB $149

(comes in blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, grey, black and product red)

The nano features a multi-touch display, bluetooth (to connect to speakers, headphones, etc.), plays videos (such as movies and podcasts), stores photos and even plays the radio. It is thin and very lightweight and comes with the new Earpods.

The new nano is very small and is great for an indecisive person that has a couple of thousands of songs and doesn’t really want to pick and choose which songs to put on their iDevice. It is small enough to be carried in virtually any pocket and is a cheap addition to the iPhone. Since it has 16gb, it can hold almost as many songs as an iPhone and it devotes its space to only music, videos and photos. Whereas the iPhone has to split its memory among a few other areas. So in theory, the nano could be reserved for music and the iPhone for everything else.

iPod classic 160GB $249

(comes in black and white)

The classic has more gigabytes than any other iPod. It features a click wheel, a 2.5-inch diagonal screen and comes with regular Apple Earphones. This iPod can hold 40,000 songs.

The classic would be great for someone who has thousands upon thousands of songs and wants a device to carry all of their songs. It is pretty much built for capacity. Since it can hold 40,000 songs, it would be perfect for someone that actually has that many songs.

iPod touch 32GB $299, 64GB $399

(comes in blue, yellow, pink, grey, black and product red)

The touch is now as tall as the iPhone 5 (20 apps on each screen), features a Retina display, has two cameras (a 5MP on the back and a 1.2MP on the front) and comes not only with the new Earpods, but an iPod touch loop. Oh and it has Siri.

Finally, the touch is a really great iPod. It is basically an iPhone without cellular capabilities. It can text message (called iMessage) anyone with an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mountain Lion on their Mac. It can connect to WiFi to allow users to video chat, download music, play apps plus a million other things. The iPod touch is perfect for someone who doesn’t have an iPhone yet. The iPhone and iPod touch are too similar for me and I see it as redundant to have both. But if someone has an Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPod touch would be perfect for them. (What’s the worst that could happen? They fall in love with the iPod touch and ditch Samsung for an iPhone in the future.)

Pictures of these beautiful devices can be seen here.

Accessibility Idea

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I have a brilliant idea that will give Apple the competitive advantage over all other smartphone companies.  This idea is a great innovation that may people and companies have yet to really think about.  So I was driving the other day and I love my new iPhone 5 and playing around with Dictation and Siri while I’m driving.  And I thought about how I love Siri and everyone should have the chance to experience Siri.  I mean it would be easy to use Siri or another virtual assistant.  What if it is not that easy for you?  Like what if you are deaf.  How can you use Siri or would pointless?

So here’s my brilliant idea:

The iPhone features a great front facing camera that allows for more and more megapixels with each iPhone update.  So what if we use the front camera to capture sign language?  The camera would record the sign language of the user, Siri (or Apple) would analyze the motions and signs used to determine what the user said then Siri would respond with either text or sign language too.

Since sign language is extremely complex and different signs may mean different things across the world, Apple would need hundreds of “test subjects” to make sure it would work properly.  The software that Siri would use might have to differ with each person right now, but it is definitely a start to help everyone experience Siri.

Ideally Apple would spend more time perfecting this than they did with Apple maps.  It could be featured on the iPhone 8 or 9.

Why should we limit Siri?  Let everyone experience it.

Black Friday deals for Apple

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I am one of those early morning shoppers waiting hours for a store to open only to get the best deals.  So in order to get ready for where I am going to shop, I’m checking out all the closest stores (Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc.) to find the lowest prices on Apple products.  So as the flyers start coming out, I’ll update this with the deals for each store so we can all be ready on Black Friday (btw Sam’s Club is giving out a free Starbucks breakfast and they open at 7am).

Note: The hours of the store my differ from your location, but the deals should be the same.

Best Buy (based on Bangor, ME): opens at 12am Black Friday

  • iPhone 4S 16gb with new 2 year contract $99.99
  • iPhone 4 8gb with new 2 year contract $0
  • iPad Retina 16gb WiFi $499 (hasn’t released price, but you can save $40-$60)
  • iPad 2 16gb WiFi $399 (hasn’t released price, but you can save $40-$60)
  • iPod nano (current gen.) $144.99$20 BB gift card
  • $100 iTunes gift card for $80
  • iPod touch (4th gen.) $189.99 + $50 BB gift card
  • Apple TV $89.99
  • MacBook Air 13.3″ $1024.99
  • MacBook Pro 13.3″ $1034.99

Wal-Mart (based on Bangor, ME): opens at 12:01am

  • iPad 2 16gb WiFi $399 + $75 WM gift card (10pm)

Apple Store – Black Friday

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means that it’s almost Black Friday. The day that officially kicks off Christmas shopping. Many places will offer amazing sales on Apple products (such as Walmart and Best Buy), but both the physical Apple Store and online Apple Store will be offering discounts too.

They haven’t released their pricing plan yet, but we should see it real soon. But here is the sales offered last year:

iPad 2 – $41 to $61 Off
iPod nano – $11 off
iPod Touch – $21 to $41 off
MacBook Air – $101 off
MacBook Pro – $101 off
iMac – $101 off

We will probably see something similar this year, lasting from early Black Friday morning to24 hours later.

If you want really good discounts on Apple products, I suggest shopping elsewhere (like Walmart or Best Buy). With that said, don’t forget you can only get iDevices engraved and purchase (Product) Red iDevices via the Apple Store. Also you can do it in the comfort of your own home without having to leave and freeze to death outside.

I’ll post the Apple prices on here once they are released 🙂 stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

iPad 4th generation

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It has been a while since I have updated my blog.  But I am back and here are my thoughts on the iPad with Retina Display (aka iPad 4.)

Well I have the new iPad (or iPad 3 for whoever is counting) and I bought it brand new in April of 2012.  I spent $766 on it (the iPad 32GB with 4G LTE.)  So am I upset that now my new iPad that is only 6 months old is obsolete and no longer the current generation? Yes, yes I am.  But I also understand why Apple released the iPad 4th generation.  Here’s why…

Apple Inc. is no longer run by the infamous Steve Jobs.  The CEO that founded the company and new its direction and vision.  The CEO that cared about the products released and understood how much precision and quality control is needed to product these products.  Apple Inc. has now entered the Tim Cook era and he is way more competitive than Steve Jobs.  He seems to care more about the products that Apple has, compared to Steve Jobs caring about the quality of the products.

Apple needed to get the competitive advantage and so they released an iPad mini. Not only did they need to do this, but their iPad 3 sales were declining and they needed a product compatible with the iPhone 5.  So they added a few new internal parts to the iPad 4 and slapped on the lightning connector.  They called it a new generation and gave it a new name.

Although I understand why they needed to do this, they could have easily just built the iPad 3rd generation with the lightning connector and all their problems would be solved.  Except for the one about beating the competition and losing the quality of the product.  Those problems would still be unsolved.

iPad Mini Event

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Calmy waiting for Apple to start their event…10 more minutes. I got my iPad ready, Facebook ready, I’m on the Apple website to watch the live stream and my blog ready to add new information too with updates every few minutes 🙂

The live stream isn’t working on this computer, but I have it on my new iPad 😀

Updates with iPhone 5:

  • sold out the first weekend (5 million sold)
  • most iphones ever in opening weekend (or most phones)

Updates with iPods:

  • sales are fantastic
  • sold over 3 million iPods since new ones released

Updates with iOS 6

  • 200 million devices running ios 6
  • fastest upgrade rate of any software in history

Updates with Mountain Lion:

  • documents in the cloud: 125 million documents placed in cloud
  • iMessage: sent 300 billion messages sent, 28,000 per second sent
  • 160 million game players on game center
  • shared photo streams: 70 million photo shared

Update with App Store:

  • 275,000 iPad apps (not stretched out smart phone apps)
  • milestone: customers have downloaded 35 billion apps from the store
  • 6.5 billion dollars paid to developers


  • 1.5 million iBooks (downloaded 400 million of them since store opened)
  • iBooks 3.0 😀
  • a bunch of new features


  • number one selling mac: macbook pro 13″
  • so here’s the new product! new Macbook Pro 13″ (.75 inch thin, 3.5 lbs weight, retina display, 2560 x 1600 pixels, more pixels than any competition, dual microphones, stereo speakers, 7 hour battery life)


  • quad processors, WiFi, bluetooth 4.0, starts at $599


  • next generation iMac announced
  • omg its so thin (holy cow lol)
  • edge to edge glass
  • specs (5mm thin edge, friction stir welding, no optical drive, 27 or 21.5 inch screens, anti-reflective coating on display, plasma deposition process, individually calibrated, dual microphones, 720p HD camera, stereo speakers)
  • flash, hard drive or fusion drive avail (fusion drive: 128gb flash storage, 1TB or 3TB hard drive, fused into one volume, etc.)


  • 100 million ipad sold 2 weeks ago 🙂
  • 90% of web traffic of tablets
  • new version of iBooks Author (AVAILABLE TODAY)
  • iPad 3- top selling tablet in the world

iPad 4th generation announced 😀 (SEE IPAD MINI BELOW FOR AVAILABILITY)

  • A6X chip, 10 hour battery life, facetime HD with 720P, expanded LTE, 2x faster WiFi, lightning connector, black and white, starting at $499


  • 7.2mm thin, thin as a pencil, .68lbs (light as pad of paper), black and white (like iphone 5), screen size: 7.9″ screen, 1024 x 768 pixels (like iPad original)
  • FaceTime HD camera, A5 dual core chip, 5MP iSight Camera, 4G LTE, faster WiFi, lightning connector, smart covers are avail as well
  • 16gb starting at $329 with WiFi only

iPad mini starting at $329

iPad 2 starting at $399

iPad with Retina starting at $499

iPad Mini (the night before)

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A few more hours until Tim Cook steps out on the stage in California announcing some new exciting products to add to their amazing product line.  Perhaps there will be a mini iPad, a Retina Macbook Pro with 13″ screen, new iMacs, release date of new version of iTunes, iBooks 3.0, updated lightning port on iPad 3 and even new Mac minis.  So many potential new products wrapped into one event.  Time to sum up all the rumors of the iPad mini and tomorrow we can determine if it led up to our expectations (unlike the iPhone 5 *cough* *cough*.)


iPad Mini Rumor Sum Up:

Name of the newest iPad: iPad Mini

  • iPad Air- it could get confused with the Macbook Air and (see iPad nano)
  • iPad Nano- besides being confused with the iPod Nano, the Macbook air was announced years after the iPod nano, so theoretically if they were going to use “nano” meaning a smaller device, it would have been called the Macbook Nano.
  • iPad Mini- it is a miniature version of the iPad so this seems like the best option.
  • iPad Lite- seems too weird, almost like a really cheap and crappy version of the iPad.


Tech Specs and Features:

  • resolution of 1024 x 768 (pixels per inch of 163) – same as iPhone 3GS
  • new in-cell display (as seen in iPhone 5 to help make the device thinner)
  • A5 processor
  • FaceTime (front camera) and 5MP iSight (back camera)
  • WiFi + cellular connectivity on some models (4G LTE)
  • 10 hour batter life (3.72 volt battery)
  • 7.85″ display (current iPad has 9.7 inch display)
  • thinner and lighter than current iPad (but that’s a given)
  • lightning port (another given)
  • two colors: white and black (although other colors would be amazing!)


Price and Gigs:

  • 8GB with WiFi only $329, with cellular $459
  • 16GB with WiFi only $429, with cellular $559 (iPad 3 16GB WiFi only $499)
  • 32GB with WiFi only $529, with cellular $659
  • 64GB with WiFi only $629, with cellular $759


Launch Date: November 2, 2012


iPad Mini

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The iPad mini event is coming up quick.  Only 5 more days.


There is a minor problem I have with the iPad mini…technically it is not an innovation.  The 7” tablet has already been created.  The category is already there.  Well one could argue “well Apple is going to perfect it.”  That may be true, but Apple is not about perfecting already existing products.  They are about innovating new products.

Example 1, the iPhone (original).  Smartphones existed prior to the original iPhone, but Apple came out with a bar shaped, multitouch cell phone that had a minimal amount of buttons and now every smartphone has the same basis.  They are all bar shaped, with touch screens (some are multitouch too) and a minimal amount of buttons.

Example 2, the iPad (original).  Tablets existed prior to the iPad’s launch, but they weren’t very popular.  Apple introduced a flat and thin tablet with a camera.  It was a new product to exist in our post PC world.  Now there are hundreds of tablets created by every company that could make one, we have Samsung, Asus, Blackberry, HTC, Amazon, etc. (who knew amazon (the online shopping website) would create a tablet.)

The problem lies with the iPad mini.  There are already successful 6″-8″ tablets (such as the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7) that exist.  Apple would no longer be innovating a new product, it would be creating a product to compete in an existing market.  Apple may have slipped up a little bit on their innovation.  This could perhaps lead to the reasons why an iPad mini is being created.  If it is not for innovation, it must be for the customers.  The iPad mini would be an inexpensive alternative to the iPad in this post-PC world.

Although that sounds great, its not innovation.  It is Apple trying to compete. I just hope its not Apple losing its edge.