Apple Boldly Begins Removing Security Tethers from Display iPhones

security tethers
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In a new bold move, Apple has begun removing security tethers from their display iPhones at some of the retail stores. The goal of this move is to create a better and more personal user experience.

The issue with phones attached to a security tether is that customers are limited to a certain experience to use the phone. Pulling the display phone out too far can set off the alarm and the attached cable limits using the phone beyond the normal uses. It is simply look at most of the phone and pretend what it looks like as your phone. This new move will allow customers to have a more personal experience with the phone by holding it properly, trying it with a case, and putting it in their pocket.

security tethers

Display iPhone with now security tethers attached, just the charger and dock, credit: MacRumors

The biggest risk with this is customers could, conceivably, walk out of the store with the display iPhone in their pockets. Apple feels the new experience is worth the risk though and they have security procedures in place. An alarm will sound if a display model is taken from the store and Lost Mode will be activated on the iPhone. This will render the iPhone useless since it will be stuck on the Activation screen. It is, however, a great and perhaps illegal way for repair shops to get real iPhone parts.

The tethers are not coming off all their products. The less expensive mobile devices will be untethered, but the MacBook and iPad display models will still be tethered. This new experience has been found in some of its retail stores, like its Yorkdale location in Toronto (Canada) and one the stores in London (England). Hopefully Apple will expand this to all their stores soon.

via MacRumors