Apple Shows Off Redesigned Apple Music in New Commercial

Redesigned Apple Music
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Yesterday, Apple released a new commercial for their redesigned Apple Music as part of iOS 10. Unlike their previous Apple Music advertisements, it does not feature a famous person (like James Corden), but it does walkthrough many of the new features of the app.

The commercial starts with first looking at the features of the Music app that does not require an Apple Music subscription. Artists are laid out similar to the friends in the Contacts app with the exception of added pictures and albums are also laid out like albums in the Photos app. This is design is the same whether you pay for Apple Music or you do not.

Then the commercial transitions to Apple Music with the customization features in the For You tab that will recommend music to you based on what you like and what you may be interested in playing next. Music can be downloaded to listen on demand and easily be added to your library. Then, the ad shows the Browse tab which displays the latest and trending music. This is the same tab where Apple shows off exclusive albums only available on Apple Music. The ad ends with its live and on demand radio service like Beats 1.

The ad joins Apple’s YouTube channel with other Apple Music and iPhone 7 commercials.