Apple Releases New iPhone 7 Commercials: Balloons, Midnight, and Morning Ride

iPhone 7 commercials
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Earlier this week Apple uploaded a new commercial for the iPhone 7 to their YouTube channel. The premise of the commercial is not revealed until the end when Apple shows it was about iOS 10 and the new Messages app.

The commercial follows a red ballon that travels across land and sea to join with other colors of balloons. They collectively gather and start pouring into the apartment of someone who has an iPhone 7. The person received a handwritten heart and text with a full screen effect of balloons. It ends with the tagline “expressive messages on the iPhone 7” in reference to the new Messages app. The song playing is ‘I Will Follow You’ by Toulouse.

The iPhone 7 is not the only iPhone that can received expressive messages. All device that upgraded to iOS 10 can receive them including the iPhone 5 and later. And there are many other full screen effects like a shooting star and confetti. They tend to have a “good news” feel to them and typically will be used for celebration.

This commercial joins a few others that were uploaded recently for the iPhone 7. ‘Midnight’ highlights the low-light picture taking of the iPhone, while ‘Morning Ride’ shares how it is water resistant.