iOS 10 How-to: Open iPhone Without Pressing Home Button

Home button
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With iOS 10, Apple completely changed the lock screen to be less “slide to unlock” and more “press home to unlock.” Basically, they removed a gesture we have used for nearly ten years on the iPhone. The iPhone now unlocks with a press of the Home button. This works well on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a tactile Home button, but not so well on their older Touch ID phones. In the settings app, you can now restore part of the function of the lock screen to the old method.

Open the Settings app and go to GeneralAccessibility, and scroll down to Home Button. Switch on Rest Finger to Open to enable to phone to be unlocked with only Touch ID. The Home button is no longer required to be pressed to unlock the phone. Simple rest your finger on the Home button to unlock the phone.

The premise of the new method of pressing Home to unlock is so you can access widgets. You simply unlock the phone with your fingerprint and then use the widgets by sliding over from the left. Then if you tap a certain widget, your phone will open to it without needing your fingerprint, or passcode. By changing the new method, using your fingerprint will unlock the phone and you will need to access your widgets inside the phone.home button