Apple is Working on New Health Apps for Apple Watch to Track Sleep

new health apps
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During the Apple’s summer event for developers, they introduced the next software version for the Apple Watch which included a new Breathe app. It is responsible for calming the user’s mind during the day by reminding them to take a moment to focus on breathing. This app, which is another step towards the health industry, is not the only one Apple is planning to release.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on new health apps for the Apple Watch that will track and analyze more data. People familiar with the matter who spoke to Bloomberg said there is a sleep-tracking app in the works. There is also an app that measures the time it takes for the heart rate to slow from its peak to the normal resting level. Both of these apps would not require any special hardware and can already work on the Apple Watch.

A sleep-tracking app would be interesting for Apple to design since the watch’s battery life is incredibly short so most users charge theirs overnight. Apple may need to design a more power-efficient software or perhaps speed up the charging time. Both of these options would not require a change in the Apple Watch hardware. Additionally, the watch currently tracks heart rate, but it does not yet analyze the data. This would be a simple switch for Apple to implement the new heart rate monitoring app.

Apple is heading further into the health industry and aims to turn its HealthKit framework into a tool that assists doctors in diagnosing conditions. HealthKit currently collects health data from multiple apps and devices and puts the data together in one central location. This could be used to open the door for better doctor-to-patient communication and could allow for better preliminary analysis. If a person’s heart rate is elevated for several days without a specific reason, the doctor may be alerted. Perhaps the heart is beating fast from a new medication or the person has a new medical condition . The doctor can also view their previous history and see when their heart rate first sped up.