iFixit Reveals All-New Internal Design in iPhone 7 Plus Teardown

iPhone 7 Plus Teardown
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As the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 becomes available around the world, the iFixit team begins their teardown of Apple’s new products. Like with all previous generations, they fly a few techs out to the easternmost country so they can get their hands on the latest devices as soon as the retail stores open. Here is everything they discovered with the new iPhone 7 Plus.

Initially, the iPhone 7 Plus looks similar to the iPhone 6s on the outside in regards to the same two pentalobe screws. Digging in a little further, the techs notice the display opens like a book instead of popping up. There is also a considerable amount of adhesive holding the display to the frame, more than they saw on the iPhone 6s. This is likely for a couple reasons, one of which is because of the iPhone’s IP67 water resistant rating and the other to help keep the display attached during drop impacts. There are two cables that connect to the iPhone’s logic board (similar to the iPhone 5s), and new sets of tri-point screws (similar to the MacBook.) As the team takes more of the phone out, they discover a few important specs. The battery capacity of the iPhone 7 Plus is 2900mAh, which is up from the 2750mAh battery of the iPhone 6s Plus. This along with the power efficient dual-cores of the A10 Fusion processor is how the iPhone achieves an hour extra of battery life. It also appears that both of the rear cameras for the larger iPhone have optical image stabilization (OIS) which is definitely a welcomed feature on both cameras. The iPhone is also packed to the brim with gaskets and other protection to keep the internal components safe from water damage for its IP67 rating.

iPhone 7 Plus Teardown

The iFixit team helped relieve a lot of stress with this teardown by showing the Home sensor could be replaced, which is great news for repair shops, via iFixit

After taking apart the meat of the phone, the team also took apart the display to see how repairable it is. The new ear speaker and front camera flex cable are held to the phone by Phillips screws and a bracket like the iPhone 6s. The ear speaker has two functions for this phone, though, by being an ear speaker and additional loudspeaker for stereo sound. More tri-point screws hold the Home sensor (button) to the display, but it can be replaced. This is great news for us because it means the iPhone 7 series can be repaired! iFixit also scored it a 7/10 on their repairability score matching the iPhone 6s with 10 being easiest to repair. The iPhone 7 will be taken apart by the iFixit team soon. It is expected to yield similar results on a slightly smaller scale.