iPhone 7 Unboxing Video Compares Matte Black to Jet Black Finish

iPhone 7 Unboxing Video
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With the new iPhone 7, Apple introduced two black colors that would replace the space gray finish. There is a matte black finish which is like a darker space gray and a jet black finish that is high gloss. Marque Brownlee released a new video on YouTube unboxing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in each of these colors.

This unboxing video is one of the first of its kind and shows the new box design and setup features. Both of the boxes look similar on the inside, but the jet black phone comes in a black box. This is likely for retailers so they differentiate between the two models more easily. Inside of the box, the iPhone is surprisingly covered by the small “Designed by Apple in California” guide. With every other iPhone generation, Apple placed the iPhone on top of everything included in the box but not with this one. Under the iPhone is the new Lightning EarPods, special Lightning to Headphone Jack adapter, Lightning cable, and 5W USB adapter. There are a lot of Lightning plugs here. The two new black colors for the iPhone 7 are quite different. The jet black is much darker and if it weren’t for the flash, it may be difficult finding it in the dark. Due to its high-gloss, it may scratch more easily too. Apple put a small disclaimer on the website about micro-scratches since they will be more visible on the frame. A case is a recommended for those who want to keep the new look. The matte black appears to be lighter, but it is still darker than the previous space gray iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come out tomorrow, September 16th alongside the Apple Watch Series 2. https://youtu.be/J5HtSy5bATk