Apple Announces iPhone 7: Stereo Speakers, Touch Home Sensor, More

Apple announces iPhone 7
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On Wednesday, Apple held a special media event in San Fransisco, California to announce the new lineup of iPhone, Apple Watch, and the major software updates. The next-generation iPhone, called the ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus,’ feature a similar design to their predecessors with a complete refresh in internals.

announces iPhone 7

This is 7. iPhone 7. via Apple.

The design of the iPhone 7 resembles the iPhone 6s, but there are several changes that show it is a whole new generation. First, the antennas still go across the back of the phone but are limited to the top and bottom edges. The rear camera also protrudes from the frame, however, it is part of the phone instead of a separate component.

Upgraded Cameras

Both the rear and front camera have been improved along with a new and better designed rear LED flash. The front camera on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is 7MP and it records 1080p HD video. This is an upgrade from the 5MP and 720p HD sensor on the iPhone 6s. The rear camera for both models is still at 12MP, but it has several new features which makes it a whole new camera. The camera is wide-angle with a f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, a six-element lens, and wide color capture for photos. The iPhone 7 has the single wide-angle camera, but the iPhone 7 Plus has the wide-angle camera next to a telephoto camera. This allows the phone to take DSLR-quality pictures with 2x optical zoom. The LED flash has also been updated with four lights that provide fifty percent more light that reaches fifty percent further.

announces iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 Plus comes in high-gloss jet black, black, silver, gold, and rose gold, via Apple.


Wide Color Retina HD Display

On the front of the iPhone, the display looks relatively similar but the technology has been upgraded too. The Retina HD display is twenty-five percent brighter with wide color gamut and 3D Touch. The Home button has been changed from a physical button to a static sensor. It woks with the Taptic Engine to simulate a physical press with vibration. This new Home sensor is customizable and can work with notifications, quick actions, and more.

The bottom of the iPhone 7, as rumored, no longer has a headphone jack. In a controversial move, Apple has replaced it with a speaker and more efficient Taptic Engine. The reason for this analog-less design is because of “courage” and the space the headphone jack took up. Apple is pushing wireless with Bluetooth and wired with Lighting for audio. Inside the box of the new iPhone is a special adapter for Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack and redesigned Lighting EarPods. There are also stereo speakers on the top and bottom of the iPhone that allow the phone to be twice as loud with an increased dynamic range.

announces iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 now has a new stereo speaker system, via Apple.


Wireless Audio

Due to the more open space left by the absence of the headphone jack, the battery capacity has slightly increased. Apple claims there is two extra hours of battery life of the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6s and one extra hour of the iPhone 7 Plus compared to the iPhone 6s Plus. However, this is only in reference to Internet use and wireless video playback on the iPhone 7. The wireless talk time and audio playback has dramatically decreased. For example, the iPhone 6s Pus with its wired headphone connection would achieve up to eighty hours of audio playback, while the iPhone 7 Plus with wireless only achieves up to sixty hours. This is twenty hours last; nearly a full day less of battery life when listening to music.


Quad-Core A10 Fusion Processor

The iPhone 7 is powered by the quad-core A10 Fusion processor. There are two high-performance cores which make the phone forty percent faster than the iPhone 6s and two times faster than the iPhone 6. There are also two high-efficiency cores which help reduce the battery drain by more power hungry internals. The graphics processor has six cores which is fifty percent faster than the processor of the iPhone 6s. It is also three times faster than the iPhone 6. Apple touts that it is the most powerful chip in any smartphone.


IP67 Water Resistance Rating

Like the new Apple Watch Series 2, the iPhone 7 has an IP rating for water resistance. The phone is rated to IP 67 water and dust resistance which means the phone can be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The phone will also be fine against dust and dirt. To accomplish this, Apple has added extra protection with gaskets to the inside of the phone.


Five Colors and New Storage

Finally, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come in five colors: the all-new black and jet black, and gold, rose gold, and silver. The phones will also be available with new storage size configurations of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The pricing of these sizes is similar to last year, but the Plus model is slightly more expensive. The iPhone 7 starts at $649 for full retail price (or $32/month) and the iPhone 7 Plus at $769 (or $37/month).

Pre-orders start September 9th and are expected to sell out, so get ready for another busy iPhone season. The iPhone comes out on September 16th.