Report Claims Apple Watch 2 Coming in Either Sept or Oct

Apple Watch
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The Apple Watch has been on the market for over a year and it is time for Apple to upgrade the design in favor of something thinner and with better battery life. According to a new report on the Chinese website¬†Wei Feng, Apple is planning to announce a new version of the Apple Watch, dubbed “Apple Watch 2,” at the special media event in early September.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch, photo:

Citing Apple suppliers, the second-generation Apple Watch is expected to be announced in September and either released the same month or in October. Original rumors suggested an announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference but Apple instead focused on new software instead of new hardware. Now the watch is expected to come along side the iPhone 7. The release date is currently unknown, but it would be surprising if the watch did not come out in September.

The Apple Watch 2 will come with a refreshed design according to the report. It states that the watch may come with a cellular chip that would allow it to be independent of the iPhone. Currently the Apple Watch is tied to the iPhone and must stay within thirty feet in order for the watch to receive and send data. Once it gets outside this area, the watch has less smart features and more regular watch features since it is no longer connected to the Internet. The new watch will also be thinner, lighter, and may be getting a front-facing camera. Other reports have suggested new materials for the body like platinum and tungsten too.

Apple Watch sales have fallen from the previous year, according to the report. While Apple has not released actual sales numbers, one could only expect a decline after the watch being on the market for over a year without any hardware updates. Many users complain the battery life is not where it should be for a smartwatch, compared to the competition. Hopefully Apple will release a watch soon that will increase sales by providing a better design with longer battery life.