Apple release four sticker packs for iOS 10 beta

sticker packs
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Developers and other beta testers that are currently running iOS 10 on their devices now have access to four sticker packs released by Apple. These sticker packs allows users to add special graphics to messages sent and received in the Messages app, similar to Facebook Messenger. The stick packs are: Smileys, Hearts, Hands, and Classic Mac.

The majority of these sticker packs are not necessarily “new” just available on a different platform. Smileys, Hearts, and Hands stickers are the same found on the Apple Watch. Unlike the watch, though, they can be send independently or added onto any message. Apple designed a new pack called Classic Mac that has pixelated images of older Mac software. There is an old Mac icon, the pointer finger, mouse, “hello,” an OK button, a dog, and more.

sticker packs

The Classic Mac sticker pack on iOS 10 beta #2

When iOS 10 is released in the fall to the public, stickers can be downloaded from a special App Store found in the Messages app or from the regular App Store. Stickers can be searched for or downloaded automatically when developers add them to the store.

iOS 10 is expected to be released alongside the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 in September.

Off topic: the icon to the left of the iMessage text bar reminds me of the Blackberry logo.