Apple announces watchOS 3 with new watch faces and tvOS

watchOS 3
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While we have been primarily focused on the hundreds of updates with iOS 10, Apple also spent time at the keynote on the newest major operating systems for the Apple Watch (watchOS 3) and the Apple TV (tvOS). The Apple Watch is updated with new watch faces, features borrowed from the iPhone, and more; while the Apple TV received a few relatively minor updates.

watchOS 3

watchOS 3

The Apple Watch running watchOS 3. The first watch shows the new Dock, the second shows the Breathe app, and the third shows the Activity watch face, via Apple

The third-generation operating system comes with a many welcomed changes for the Apple Watch. The app layout is staying, but there is a new dock that will house your favorite apps and Control Center for frequently used settings. Background App Refresh is coming to the watch and will automatically keep apps open and updated with the latest content. Instead of taking what seems like an hour for an app to load, it will be opened in an instant. There is a SOS feature now that will initiate a call with local emergency services no matter where you are in the world, and send a message to emergency contacts about what is going on. This is activated by holding the right elongated button for several seconds. The Apple Watch will also unlock your MacBook if it is on your wrist and within range of your computer.

Additionally, the Activity app has received quite a few updates. The Activity rings are now shareable with friends and family so you can compete with each other over who can close the rings first. You and they can opt-in for being alerted when others finish workouts or earn achievements. There are new metrics on the display during a workout that show distance, pace, active calories, heartbeat, and elapsed time. The Activity app is also optimized for wheelchair users. Apple added a Breathe app that is designed to guide you through a series of deep breaths throughout your day.

Like the Messages app for iPhone, the Apple Watch Messages app is updated. You can send fullscreen effects, add stickers, use invisible ink, reply in your own handwriting, and send much larger emojis. You can also write letters on the watch that will convert into text.

Finally, there are many new watch faces that allow for more customization. Apple added Minnie Mouse as a watch face, in addition to a new Activity and Numerals watch face. They can be easily swapped out with an edge-to-edge swipe instead of the previous deep press.

The operating system is currently available to developers and it will be coming alongside iOS 10 in the fall.



watchOS 3

The new tvOS has a Dark Mode so the background is no longer blinding you when watching TV before bed, via Apple

The newest Apple TV is being updated with a few minor features that will stabilize and enhance the system. Siri now has the capability to search by topics (i.e. high school movies from the 1990s) and search YouTube for videos. The TV also has a Dark Mode, live tune-in to watch live TV, and single sing-on for apps. You will no longer need to login to a new app with your username and password from your TV provider to access the app. Instead, you will sign in once in the Settings app and the TV will use this information in all the apps you use. This feature is also coming to the iPhone.

The next-generation tvOS software is currently available to developers and it is coming to the public in September.