Rumored iOS 10 features: colorful notifications, pro editing in Photos, Siri SDK

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app
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The tenth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is now only six days away from being announced and we have more ideas about what Apple is planning to announce. Mark Gurman, formerly of 9to5Mac, was interviewed by The Jay & Farhad Show and detailed a few more changes about what we should see.

Rumored iOS 10 features

iOS 10, via

Gurman warns that these updates are not one hundred percent guaranteed, but are being talked about as potential changes. With that being said, here is what we may see with iOS 10:

  • System-wide changes: minor user interface updates with more color with notifications and app icons tweaked
  • Photos app: big enhancements with more pro editing options and the Markup from the Mail app
  • Music app: redesigned app with more black and white like Spotify, main color will be from the album artwork, user interface will be refreshed and easier to navigate, Connect, New, and For You tabs updated
    • Connect tab: will lose its place and significance
    • New tab: renamed to Browse and have a new menu
    • For You: design changes
  • Siri: Siri SDK coming to allow third-party apps to be used with Siri, ex: “Hey Siri, call me an Uber” or “Hey Siri, create a new playlist in Spotify”
  • Messages app: potentially send money to other people with Apple Pay via iMessage
  • Security: new encryption software, better security

During the interview, Gurman also covered details about what he is expecting for this year’s and next year’s iPhone. The 2016 iPhone, which is likely called “iPhone 7,” will be more of a modest update with less antenna lines and the headphone jack will be removed. He notes that the reasoning behind taking the headphone jack away is because Apple is now able to focus on enhancing the sound quality with the Lightning port and now there will only be one port to waterproof, instead of the previous two. Next year’s iPhone will be a complete redesign, almost like a “reset” button on the iPhone. There are talks that it will no longer have a bottom, top, or side bezel, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be in the display, and Apple is planning to make the screen size larger but the form factor smaller. Apple has several prototypes for the new phone with some using a screen size of six inches. In the future, Gurman predicts that there will be incremental updates for iPhone each year and no longer will there be a complete redesign every other year.

The tenth generation operating system is expected to be released in September alongside the iPhone 7 and the second generation Apple Watch.

via 9to5Mac