Leaked components for iPhone 7 Plus confirm 256GB storage and dual cameras

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
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While Apple is expected to retain the same overall design for this year’s iPhone, they will likely upgrade the internal components to better differentiate it from last year’s iPhone (and the year-before-that’s iPhone.) A new picture showing components for the iPhone 7 Plus was leaked on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo and then were posted by the famous leaker, Steven Hemmerstoffer, on Twitter. They allegedly show the rear camera module and the new storage capacities.

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB

Alleged rear camera module and storage chips in 16GB, 64GB, and 256GB for the iPhone 7 Plus, via Weibo

If these are legitimate components for the iPhone 7 Plus, then they confirm a couple previous rumors we have heard. The iPhone 7 Plus will reportedly have a second rear camera that will increase its picture quality. Two cameras can view distance and dimension of an object better than one camera can. The cameras may also be used to simultaneously take a regular video alongside a slow-mo video or a time lapse video. Additionally, the phone will have an increased storage capacities. Apple recently came out with an iPad Pro that has 256GB of storage, which is the same size that has been rumored for the new iPhone. Apple showed that it is possible to have one of their devices with 256GB. The leaked picture shows that Apple will retain the 16GB and 64GB options for the iPhone 7 Plus, and replace the current 128GB size with the new 256GB.

Before we accept these parts as fact, we decided to test the authenticity of them. Previously this same Weibo user showed us pictures of another “iPhone component.” This one apparently belongs to the iPhone 7 and it shows the charge port with the headphone jack. The exact feature that several reports and suppliers have confirmed would not be on the iPhone 7. When this was leaked, 9to5Mac concluded that it was likely from an iPhone copycat. This does not add too much credibility to the part we are now looking at that apparently shows the storage capacities and rear camera module for the iPhone 7 Plus. At least this leaked component lines up with the rumors.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be announced in September. They are currently rumored to have the same overall design as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but the antenna lines will be less visible, the rear camera will be closer to the left edge, and they will be more waterproof and dustproof.

via 9to5Mac