2017 iPhone: revamped design, AMOLED display, 5.8-inch screen

photo: Steel Drake
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While we are still waiting for the iPhone 7 to be announced in a few months, next-year’s iPhone is already being anticipated. The reliable KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, released a new report recently suggesting that Apple will revamp its iPhone lineup in 2017.

iPhone 8 concept

Steel Drake designed this iPhone 8 concept in 2014, but it’s starting to match the rumors for the 2017 iPhone, Photo: Steel Drake/Behance

Next year’s iPhone will have a completely different design, a higher-quality display and wireless charging. Unlike the rumors for the iPhone 7, which suggests a similar design to the iPhone 6s, the 2017 iPhone will have a rear shell made of either ceramic, plastic, or glass. Kuo believes they will select glass for a style that is an updated version of the iPhone 4. The front and the back will be curved glass with metal on the sides, more narrow bezels, a more comfortable grip, and an AMOLED display. Currently Apple uses an LCD display in their iPhones, but they will transition to the AMOLED display that is used on the Apple Watch.

In addition, the 2017 iPhone will be offered in two display sizes, but in not the sizes we are used to. Apple is designing an iPhone with a 5.8-inch screen, up from the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus we have now. The form factor of this larger phone will be smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus. Kuo believes this may be to the new design and narrower bezels. Apple will also temporarily retain their 4.7-inch screen size, 5.5-inch screen size, and add the 5.8-inch size to the lineup. If they are able to produce enough of the larger displays, they will replace the 5.5-inch screen size with the 5.8-inch one. Finally, the 2017 iPhone will have wireless charging like the iPhone 7 is rumored to have.

A revamp during a normal S-series year is uncharacteristic for Apple, but at the same time, next year will be the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Perhaps Tim Cook is switching it up with a familiar design on the iPhone 7 and a complete redesign on the iPhone 7s.