Inside source confirms no headphone jack, wireless charging on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 concept, credit:
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The upcoming iPhone 7 is on everyone’s radar during the new year especially since it’s been very active in the rumor mill. Several reports have come out within the past month detailing many features for the new phone. To continue with this momentum, Fast Company came out with a report that cites a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans and it confirms a few of the rumors we have heard and starts a few more.

The report, which goes confirms the waterproof design and removal of the headphone jack, goes into more details about how Apple will convince their users to change from the 3.5mm headphone. Apple is apparently designing an noise-canceling technology with help from a United Kingdom-based audio-tech company that will work in the software of the iPhone and hardware of headphones. This system will remove background noise in music playback and phone calls. It will only work with Lightning-connected headphones so the wireless EarPods will, unfortunately, not make use of this technology. Apple is designing Lightning headphones under the Beats brand that will work with the new software. Since headphones utilizing this technology will need to have a Lightning connector, they will need to be certified by Apple through the Made For iPhone program.

iPhone 7 concept, credit:

iPhone 7 concept, credit: GdgetCompare

The report also claims that there will be a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter included with every iPhone, but this seems unlikely. Even though 3.5mm is on virtually every smartphone, the 30-pin dock connector was used for several years before it was replaced by the Lightning dock connector on the iPhone 5. Apple created a 30-pin-to-Lighting adapter, but it was sold separately. This will likely be the case for their headphone jack adapter.

The report concludes with Apple finally bringing wireless charging to the iPhone. This makes perfect sense since the Lightning port will already be occupied by headphones if the user is listening to music. The Lightning port currently has one purpose: charging the iPhone, but if Apple takes away the headphone jack, it will also be responsible for transferring audio to headphones. If Apple doesn’t bring wireless charging to the iPhone, there would be a trade-off between listening to music or charging the device when the battery is low.

In addition to all these new rumors, the iPhone 7 is expected to have a updated design with a new compound material for the rear shell and not blatantly obvious antennas.