Apple accidentally leaks new colorful iPod lineup with updated design

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In the latest version of iTunes, Apple accidentally posted new colors for the iPod lineup when a current iPod is restored. First reported by belgium iphone, the iPod touch, shuffle and nano will come in a more vivid blue and pink and brand new gold color. The iPods also reveal key details about a few design changes and potentially even their release date.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.04.58 PM

The iPod lineup already comes in several colors like space gray, light gray, yellow, pink, blue and Product (RED) for the iPod touch. The iPod nano and iPod shuffle have the same colors with the addition of green and purple. The new pink and blue colors will likely replace the old pink and blue and the gold color will be an additional color option.

If these are the next-generation iPods, there won’t be many external design changes besides new color options and the lack of the iPod touch loop. When we comparing the previous “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen to the current one, the iPod touch no longer has the metal circle on the bottom left for the iPod touch loop. This could signify changes in the internal design in addition to a few other things.

Old "Welcome to Your New iPod" screen versus the new "Welcome to Your New iPod" screen

Old “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen versus the new “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen. The iPod touch is missing the iPod touch loop button.

We also don’t see Touch ID (although the iPod touch has the Passbook app), larger display, new design, etc. In addition, the iPod touch is running iOS 8.4 since it has the colorful Music app icon, but none of the new iOS 9 apps. This could mean that the iPod touch will be released sometime before iOS 9 comes out in September. If the iPods were coming out in October, Apple would probably show the most recent operating system on the iPods. Also, the lack of major updates could point towards a minor refresh instead of a major product announcement. All of this evidence points to a release date for the new iPods before the end of the summer.

In terms of internal updates, we could speculate that the iPod touch processor will be upgrade to the A6 chip from the iPhone 5/5c or the A7 64-bit chip from the iPhone 5s, the storage capabilities could see an increase like that of the iPhone 6 with a 128GB option and hopefully the camera sensor will be updated to 8MP.

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