WWDC 2015: Apple announces iOS 9

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On Monday, Apple announced the next-generation operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This update was rumored to be relatively minor, mostly focusing on bug fixes and improvements, however, Apple came out with a lot of new features. The operating system update comes with new apps (with different default ones), enhancements to preexisting ones and some of those long-time rumored features are finally here.

iOS 9 beta 1 on the iPad mini 2

iOS 9 beta 1 on the iPad mini 2

The operating system, when first installed on a new device, comes with most of the standards apps we saw in iOS 8, but there’s a couple of changes. The Newsstand app is now gone, and although the first beta doesn’t have it, it will be replaced by the Flipboard-Like News app. In addition, the iPad comes pre-installed with the Find iPhone, which used to be called the “Find My iPhone”, and Find Friends, which used to be called the “Find My Friends”. When the Notes app is opened for the first time, the device prompts you to download the iCloud Drive app.

Most of the apps in iOS 9 also have updates, here is what we have seen so far:

  • System-wide: new San Fransisco font, when switching from one app to another (i.e. Camera to Photos app) there’s a new button to take you back to the previous app on the top left of the display, new user interface for App Switcher
  • Multitasking: the iPad can use two apps simultaneously with Slide Over (one app pulls in from the side and is accessed on top of another), Split View (two apps are side-by-side), Picture in Picture (video plays in square on top of another app)
  • Keyboard: new Shift key, lowercase letters when typing in lowercase, new toolbar on iPad for copy, paste and cut, new design for Dictation
  • Search: two ways: iOS 7-style (swipe down from Home screen) and Proactive Search (screen to the left of the first Home screen)
    • Proactive Search: view Siri suggestions for contacts and recently used apps, nearby businesses and what’s currently in the news
  • Siri: updated user interface, more functions
  • Camera: new HDR toggle
  • Photos: scrub through all photos using scrubber at the bottom of the display
  • Contacts: your contact information is at the top of the list with profile picture
  • Maps: mass transit navigation, Share icon replaced with “Share”, reviews for locations come from TripAdvisor instead of Yelp, more options when viewing details about a location, Nearby feature to see what’s around you
  • Notes: updated user interface, notes can be grouped, more can be added to notes (URLs, drawings, maps), take pictures from within the Notes app, Recently Deleted notes group, Attachments group for all your content and more
  • Podcasts: updated user interface, more like the Podcasts section of the iTunes Store, group unplayed podcasts together
  • Find Friends: merge friends from a different Apple ID, automatically share location, Notification Center widget
  • Find iPhone: updated user interface
  • iCloud Drive: turned off by default, shows all content stored in iCloud by date, name and tags
  • Settings:
    • search Settings (FINALLY!)
    • group incoming notifications in Notification Center by app (versus time or day)
    • new Accessibility options: Touch Accommodations allow those who have a difficult time using the touch screen to change how the device responds to touches, disable Shake to Undo, toggle lowercase keys on keyboard, customize typing experience with a hardware keyboard, Call Audio Routing, toggle automatically playing audio descriptions for content, thoroughly customize AssistiveTouch menu
    • toggle vibration on/off permanently
    • use side switch to toggle mute or rotation lock on all devices (versus just the iPad)
    • new section for Battery to view usage and activate Low Power Mode
    • enable Show Contacts Found in Mail for device to search through email for incoming unknown callers
    • change default text format in Notes
    • Continuity options now in Phone section (instead of FaceTime section)
    • view Content Blockers for Safari
    • new settings for the frame rate, regular and slo-mo videos for your iPhone’s camera
    • Siri Audio Feedback toggle when mute switch flipped on
    • six digit Passcodes
    • wireless CarPlay

All of the above features were discovered using the first beta of iOS 9. Some of these features may not make it to the final public release version or they may be altered. Additionally, there may be more features in future betas and the public release version.

The iOS 9 update can be downloaded by registered developers from the developer’s portal.


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