WWDC 2015 invitation hints at new Apple Music and Home app

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Perhaps this post is a little late, but it’s better late than never. The Worldwide Developer’s Conference is kicking off at 10am PDT today (or 1pm for those of us on the East Coast) with a keynote from Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about the latest developments at Apple. Since April 14th, we have seen the invitation and only now do we really believe what the invitation is hinting towards. Honestly, the invitation makes a lot more sense once we compiled all the rumors together in our expectations for the keynote. So without further ado, here we go!


When we first looked at the above invitation for WWDC 2015, we immediately saw circles and squares making up the design. Since it is a developer’s conference where developers get together to learn about the latest developments at Apple, the circles are for the Apple Watch apps and the squares for iOS apps. The “epicenter of change” refers to what the purpose of WWDC is: bringing developers together to learn about how to enhance their apps and help them to create new ones. Apps can change the way we see the world so Apple wants to help this happen anyway they can, which is one of the reasons why WWDC exists.

After scraping off the obvious clues from the invitation, we see a second possible reference. If we see the center square as less of a random app and more of the new iOS 9 Home app, then everything else immediately makes sense. The Home app is expected to be the central control center for smart home accessories. The “epicenter” is the Home app, while the “of change” is that the app will control smart home accessories and this will change the way we live. Instead of just flicking a switch to turn on/off a light, a smart home light fixture can change colors, brightness and more. By adjusting the color from white to blue or red, the entire environment and mood can change in a home. The square below the Home app could be the new Apple Music app (or Music app). Since both squares are prominent in the invitation and above all other apps, they will likely be the focus of the keynote today.

We have a final theory as to what the center square could represent. Although this rumor was squashed by The New York Times because Apple isn’t ready to announce it just yet, the square could be the fourth generation Apple TV. The apps around could refer to the new Apple TV App Store and the “epicenter of change” refers to the Apple TV being the central hub for all smart home accessories.

Come back to the blog after 3pm EST for a summary of today’s announcements.