BuzzFeed reports new Apple TV with App Store and Siri coming in June

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Late last week, BuzzFeed News came out with a new report suggesting that Apple is planning on announcing the redesigned Apple TV at their Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in June. The announcement will show off the new design, long-rumored App Store, a software development kit for developers and a few other features.

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Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the report says that the Apple TV will have updated internals as well as a new external design. The set top box will have the A8 processor (or a variant of it) and a dramatic increase in storage. There will also be improvements with the operating systems, like support for Siri voice control and HomeKit. The Wall Street Journal also reported recently that Apple is planning a television streaming service that would have about 25 channels, like ABC and FOX. The new Apple TV will not only be a streaming device for TV, but it will also have apps, music, home automation and more to completely redefine the TV viewing experience.

The report suggests that the new Apple TV hardware and operating system will only be announced at WWDC and not released. They will likely do something similar to what they did with the Apple Watch. They announce the new product, give developers time to create some apps and then release it to the public a few months later. This release date is expected to be in fall around the time that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will come out.

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As for the price of the new Apple TV, BuzzFeed speculates that it will be more expensive that the price of the current Apple TV. They noted in the article that Apple’s website says the Apple TV is “starting at $69.” They point out that if there is only one model available, why is there a “starting at” price? I expect Apple will keep this device around after the new one is announced with maybe a few internal updates. The Apple TV will start at $69, but there will be a more expensive and comprehensive model available (the redesigned Apple TV.) Since Apple likes to use “Plus” to describe a different model with a few more features, the redesigned Apple TV may be called the “Apple TV Plus.”

On a side note, Apple may also create a smaller Apple TV, something similar to the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast. There have been no rumors about this so it’s just an idea, but Apple might call this the “Apple TV Air.”