Top 5 coolest Apple Watch features I'm excited about

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During the Spring Forward event earlier this month, Apple demoed a few features of the Apple Watch. They showed off a few of their built-in features and a few third-party apps. After watching the event, I came up with the following five features that I am thoroughly excited to try out on the Apple Watch. These might even convince you to buy the watch!

1. Phone Calls


I have to say that the number one feature that I am most excited about is the ability use the Apple Watch as your phone. The built-in speaker and microphone work with your iPhone to receive calls on the Apple Watch. Calls can be transferred to the iPhone and incoming calls can be muted by covering the watch with your hand as well.

2. Apple Pay


For those of us who do not have the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch will allow us to use Apple Pay. The watch will only connect to the iPhone 5 or later so if you are still rocking the 4, you should probably upgrade if you want to try Apple’s payment service. The watch may also be cheaper, like it is for me, than upgrading to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. I plan on buying the watch when it comes out and then upgrading to the iPhone 6s Plus in the fall. Many reports have suggested we should see both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ screen sizes for the iPhone 6s so you can still get the 6 Plus if you wait.

3. Camera Remote


The Apple Watch can act as a remote for the Camera app on your iPhone. When you’re taking a picture, the watch can give you a view of what your iPhone’s camera is seeing, snap the picture and even set up a timer. This is huge. Now group pictures are easier to take and will come out so much better.

4. Shazam for Apple Watch


The creators behind the Shazam app have gone above and beyond. The Shazam app will use your iPhone to listen to the music around you and then your Apple Watch will display the song, the artist and the lyrics synced up to the music.

5. Exercise


The Apple Watch will be your next exercise companion and fitness trainer with the apps that Apple and other developers have designed. There’s an app built right into the watch that displays your activity (standing, moving around and exercising) and another one that dedicated to your workout. It shows you calories burned, pace, distance, speed and more. In addition, many developers have created their own apps. Before too long, there will be dozens of apps available, but right now there is Nike+ Running, Strava (pictured above) and Runtastic.

The Apple Watch also has a heart rate monitor, GPS, Wi-Fi and accelerometer in it. So it can more accurately track your exercise.

There are tons of other features that I am excited about for the Apple Watch. Apple has designed the watch so amazingly that the possibilities are only limited by the developers’ minds. The watch will be used to open cars and hotel rooms, set the temperature in your home, keep you on track with your recipes, it will become your airplane boarding pass and more.