Tim Cook confirms Apple Watch comes out in April

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Yesterday, Tim Cook met with shareholders during the company’s quarterly conference call to discuss earnings and results during the first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year.  He reported how many of each product were sold, quoted earnings, answered some questions and then gave us new information about the Apple Watch.

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When answering questions, Cook went into detail about the timing of when Apple products are announced and then released.  For example, the Apple Watch was said it would come out in early 2015 and most people assumed this meant the first quarter (January to March) of 2015.  Cook, however, means something else when he says “early 2015.”  “Early” refers to the first four months, “mid” is the middle four months and “late” is the last four months.  So by saying “early 2015” for the release date of the Apple Watch, he really meant some time between January and April.  Yesterday he confirmed that the Apple Watch will be shipping in April.

The Apple Watch will work alongside the iPhone to provide notifications, more content and “glances” from apps on the smartphone. The company was aiming for a 19-hour battery life for the watch, which would require the user to charge it every night, but they may be missing their mark slightly.  The watch is still on its original schedule though.