Excited to Learn What 2015 Holds

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Apple_logo_blackWith the beginning of each New Year it brings excitement of what lies ahead. Here at DGB, we had an amazing year of growth in 2014 and we’ve enjoyed reporting everything to you. With that in mind, there were a lot of great things to come out of 2014, the perfected iPad Air 2, the larger iPhone 6 and the even bigger iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8. Now with 2015 finally here, I’m starting to get all giddy and a little down about a couple things all at the same time.

First off, the Watch. I can’t even put into words how excited I am to finally get this device in my hands and on my wrist. Yes, I know it’s just a feature watch and I know it’s been done before. What I find most exciting about this device is discovering how well it will integrate into the iOS ecosystem and what third party apps will do to enhance the overall user experience.

There are a few things I’ve thought about involving the Watch but one I seem to continually revisit concerns its capabilities. I really want the Watch to further tap into my VIP list. If you’ve setup favorites and VIP contacts for emails, the Watch needs to be capable of recognizing these settings and allow you to customize how you receive notifications from other iOS devices.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.28.46 PM

If you’ve taken the time to identify specific priority settings for certain contacts, I feel the Watch should recognize this and allow you to setup notifications accordingly. There are countless times I’ve received texts messages or phone calls from contacts I really didn’t need to dig into my coat, pants pocket or bag to retrieve my iPhone for. The same applies for most of the emails I receive these days. If I’m able to setup the Watch to notify me when specific people are trying to get in contact with me, that’d be excellent.

Pay is amazing and I never get tired of using it. One aspect of Pay I don’t like, more of a minor inconvenience, is digging my enormous iPhone 6 Plus out from its resting place to pay (#firstworldproblem). The Watch will make it even more convenient at the point of sale, which I never thought I’d hear myself say after using Pay the very first time.

I listen to iTunes radio quite a bit and I’m looking forward to discovering how well the Watch functions with iTunes. Will I be able to select or add different radio stations from it or will I be limited to skipping and pausing songs from the Watch?

App Store for Apple TV

App Store for Apple TV

Although I’m excited to meet the Watch, I’m discouraged a new Apple TV hasn’t been introduced to the world. This is one piece of equipment I find myself interacting with more and more each day and I feel it has some of the greatest potential to revolutionize the way we watch television and play games. It seems there used to be a lot more buzz around the Apple TV, but with so many other options out there, I’m starting to wonder just how great the next generation Apple TV will be. Will it only be in TV form or will we get a little black box again with storage space? Will iCloud be the only place we will be allowed to store Apple TV content? Only time will tell and I’m getting restless to meet it.As much as I want to see the next generation Apple TV, I want them to get it right so I shouldn’t complain too much. Basically I’m getting a little antsy is all.

Finally, Apple introduced us to the iPad Air 2 which received a few upgrades to entice first time buyers and previous generation iPad owners to upgrade to the seemingly perfected model. The iPad mini 3 got only a few minor upgrades and has us all questioning whether it’s the beginning of the end for this particular model. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s hard not to let this thought run across your mind.

As an iPad mini owner, I cannot begin to tell you how this would break my Apple loving heart. I fell in love with the first generation iPad mini from the second I exhumed it from the box. I upgraded to the mini after retiring my first generation iPad and I haven’t even thought about returning to the larger size iPad. Why? Simple, it’s way more compact than I could’ve ever imagined. I take it with me almost everywhere I go. I never did this with the first iPad I owned. It was too chunky and heavy to really take all over the place.


My iPad mini fits in the back pocket of most pairs of jeans I own or in the cargo pockets of my shorts. I’ve used my iPad mini while out and about running errands on too many occasions to count. There’s nothing like having an iPad to keep you company while sitting at the doctors office or while waiting for your wife to finish trying on clothes. It’s truly my new best friend.

Now with the iPhone 6 Plus on the market, the iPad mini does appear to be a tough sell. The overall size of the 6 Plus model puts it into “phablet” territory and this could deter would be iPad mini buyers from shelling out hundreds of dollars for one. Why would someone pay for an iPad mini when they can get an iPhone 6 Plus for cheaper and it has the ability to make phone calls? If Apple was looking to kill two birds with one stone, they definitely appear to have hit their mark.

If you look at things from a basic supply and demand standpoint, it’s hard not to think the iPad mini will disappear from the iPad lineup before too much longer. iPhone’s are always a device in demand. You’re more likely to have a phone than a tablet, so why not make an iPhone that can almost function as a tablet? The iPhone 6 Plus is more expensive than the iPad mini and Apple will most likely get more consumers to buy an iPhone than an iPad, which gives Apple higher profits. There’s simply more justifiable reasons to buy an iPhone than an iPad mini. If you had to pick between just one, you’re most likely going to pick the phone over a tablet any day of the week.

Consumers want tablets and phones, but not everyone is willing or capable of forking over the cash to have both. The iPhone 6 Plus just might give you the best of both worlds while it slowly chokes the bright future I once saw for the iPad mini. I could be completely wrong, which I truly hope I am, about all of this.

I took tons of heat from people I know when I switched to the mini model. Slowly but surely more and more people I know switched to the iPad mini when they were done with their older and larger iPad and have also loved it.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind 2015 is going to be an exciting year for us Apple lovers. My only hope is Apple will let the iPad mini stick around and I can easily deal with all the other items I discussed. I’ve developed a sense of comfort with my iPad mini that I never imagined I would. The thought of not having an iPad mini in my lineup is hitting home pretty hard and I don’t know if stepping back up to the larger size would go as smoothly as stepping down to the smaller model. Convenience is king for me and the iPad mini bleeds convenience, at least for me.