Sketchy rumor claims iPhone 6s coming in Spring 2015, iPhone 7 in Fall

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Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6s in September of next year and the iPhone 7 in the following year (2016).  This assumption comes from Apple’s iPhone schedule; however, a source from within the supply chain claims that Apple is considering changing things up a bit next year.  The source says the iPhone 6s will come out in Spring of 2015 alongside the Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 will be here in September 2015.

The website that the inside source reports to, Stabley Timessays the reason Apple is considering this switch up is because of the Apple Watch.  Since the watch is advertised as a companion to the iPhone and it will not work without it, Apple is cautious to release it by itself.  If they were to release a phone with the watch, they will be able to remind customers that it is an accessory to the iPhone and not a standalone product.  Apple announced it at the iPhone event in September so it only makes sense for them to release it alongside of an iPhone.

iPhone 6s concept with thinner bezels, by Martin Hajek.

iPhone 6s concept with thinner bezels, by Martin Hajek.

This reasoning seems sound to me, but I doubt Apple come out with two iPhones in one year (iPhone 6s and iPhone 7).  Sony tried to release two flagship phones within 12 months, the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3, and they are now reconsidering this move.  Also customers who upgraded to the iPhone 6 will likely not replace their phone after six months since they are under contract and many wouldn’t be able to get the iPhone 7 only a year after their upgrade. When Apple released the iPad 4 only six months after the iPad 3, it was because customers were not locked into a contract and could easily sell their tablet to get the newest one. Apple would not be able to do this to their smartphone customers.

The source stresses that a final decision has not been made, but this is one of the ideas they are looking into.  As for the believing if the source is accurate or not, that’s a different story.  While we are questioning this, we should also question to site that reported it.  Stabley Times refers to the Apple Watch as the “Apple iWatch” so either they are bitter about Apple’s name for the smart watch or they don’t really know what they are talking about. Take this rumor with a grain of salt and unless we hear anything solid supporting this, don’t expect the iPhone 6s until September.