Screenshot confirms Touch ID, Burst Mode and more for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

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I planned on writing a post today that talks about what we expect in terms of iPad details for tomorrow’s Apple event. Unfortunately due to a mistake by Apple, we now have confirmed details for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 (and yes, that is their official names.)


The screenshot above was leaked accidentally in the iPad User Guide for iOS 8.1, which was quickly updated after Apple noticed the mistake.  The screenshot confirms a few details about the iPad Air and iPad mini.  They will feature similar designs as their predecessors, each one will get the Touch ID Home button sensor and Burst Mode will work on the tablet too.: Touch ID, nearly same design as predecessor and burst mode works for iPad too. The company is planning on going back to the numbers for the tablet names. The second-generation iPad Air will be “iPad Air 2” (which sounds a lot like iPad 2, but maybe that’s just me) and third-generation Retina iPad mini will be “iPad mini 3.” In addition, we expect the first major update to iOS 8 called iOS 8.1 to be announced (and released tomorrow) alongside Apple Pay.  This would line up with Walgreen’s alleged October 18th release date for Apple Pay.