Apple Pay coming October 18th

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Apple announced their new payment system called Apple Pay at their special media event in September. As the release date for the service, they said “coming in October.”  Code found within the developer version of iOS 8.1 confirmed that Apple Pay will be coming out in the software update this month.  Now a leaked document from Walgreens claims the release date is October 18th.


When Apple Pay was announced, Apple included a few retailers that would be on board during the initial rollout and Walgreens was one of them.  Panera Bread, Disney and Subway were also included on the list.  More retailers are expected to join once the service gains more popularity.

It may seem like this document confirms the release date, but we are left with one major question: why release Apple Pay (and iOS 8.1) on a Saturday? Apple typically doesn’t launch any new products (software or hardware) on the weekend. They opt-in for Fridays or Wednesdays.  One explanation is that Apple wants iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to try out the new service of one of the biggest shopping days of the week, or more then likely, MacRumors points out that Walgreens’ individual launch date may be October 18th. Apple Pay may come out after the special media event on Thursday or the day after on Friday and Apple Pay won’t be available at Walgreens until Saturday.

Apple is expected to reveal two next generation models for the iPad, the release date for Apple Pay with iOS 8.1, the release date for OS X Yosemite and new versions of the iMac and Mac mini.