iOS 8 Features #6: iCloud Drive, Family Sharing and Passbook [Tips]

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In addition to our previous posts about changes to iOS 8, there are a few new additions to the operating system.  In this post, we look at the new iCloud Drive, what Family sharing is and what updates come to the Passbook app.  There will be one more features post (titled #7) that will talk about iOS working with Mac.

iCloud Drive

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iCloud Drive, simply put, is a virtual storage space for all your documents, data, PDFs, images and more so you can access them on any of your devices.  For example, a presentation can be started in Keynote on Mac and finished and presented on iPad.  Instead of storing documents on the device, they are now stored in the cloud. This will eliminate any wasted storage on your device,.

Apple of course enabled iCloud Drive for their apps (Keynote, Pages, etc.), but they also enabled it for third-party apps (like Sketchbook Pro.)  To accommodate the larger amount of storage needed in the cloud, Apple updated their pricing structure. There are multiple gigabytes of storage space available, but the least expensive option is 20GB for $0.99/month and the most expensive is 1TB (or 1,000GB) for $19.99/month.

iCloud Drive works with any iOS device running iOS 8 or later, Mac running OS X Yosemite (when it’s released) or PC running Windows 7. Just drag the document into your iCloud Drive folder on the computer or start a document in an iCloud-enabled app (like Keynote).


Family Sharing

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Family Sharing allows up to six people from the same family to share purchased music, apps, books, movies and more without sharing Apple ID’s and passwords.  Six people with different Apple ID’s share content as long as there is only one credit card on file for them.  In addition to sharing content, a family photo album (known as a shared photo stream) and a family calendar are created when Family Sharing is enabled. Also, the Find My Friends app will display each of the family member’s location and Find My iPhone will display where each of their devices are located.  Children can request permission from their parents prior to purchasing content from iTunes.

Read Apple’s full guide for more information and how to get started.



  • The new app icon adds a credit card icon at the top for the new Apple Pay system
  • Apple Pay lets you make purchases using credit cards stored in Passbook. Using Touch ID and/or Apple Watch, you can purchase products in brick-and-mortar stores like Whole Foods or online stores like the Apple Store app. This feature is coming with iOS 8.1 in October.


We will go through all the new changes in each of the apps throughout the next week. Check back here to see these posts and everything else that is going on in the iOS world. We have already covered Music, Messages and SiriPhotos, Camera and Notification CenterSafari, Mail and Spotlight SearchApp Store, Weather and Maps and most recently, Settings with other minor app updates.


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