Leaked Videos Show New Passbook App Icon and Home Screen Layout on iPhone 6

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Earlier today, we posted about two new videos that show a working iPhone 6.  The first video is only ten seconds long, but it does confirm the rumored design and gives us our first look at the phone’s Home screen.  The second video provided us with a more detailed look about the device, with the user showing off the design and opening a few apps.  Below we have screenshots that show the Home screens of both devices and they are identical.

This the Home screen of the iPhone 6 from the first (and very short) video.

This the Home screen of the iPhone 6 from the first (and very short) video.

Although the picture is quite blurry, we are able to see the layout of the phone’s first page. For the Home screens, we see a similar design in both leaked videos. They show the new Health app, which was introduced at WWDC, and the updated Passbook app.  The Passbook app will not only hold tickets and coupons anymore, it will be the platform that allows you to pay for products with your phone versus taking out your wallet.  The phone is rumored to have NFC so this will allow you to use your phone for payment at brick-and-mortar stores.

iPhone 6 leaked for second time.

The Home screen of the iPhone leaked in the second video.

Another important part to note is the background and Home screen layout.  The background shows a new mountain and star wallpaper that we haven’t seen yet.  This and the new Passbook app confirm that there is a version of iOS 8 that hasn’t been available to most developers yet.  Major developers, like Facebook and Rovio, probably have access to this version ahead of schedule.  The Home screen also shows a new layout of apps.  The iPhone 5/5s/5c can hold twenty apps (plus the bar of apps at the bottom) at one time, while the iPhone 6 can hold twenty-four apps (plus the bar at the bottom).  The phone is rumored to have a 4.7″ display so this extra space would allow Apple to increase the amount of apps on each page.

The iPhone 6 will be announced at Apple’s confirmed event on September 9th.  We expect to find out the release date for iOS 8, see a quick glimpse at the new wearable iOS device (likely called the “iWatch”) and according to Kuo, the iPad Air 2 as well.