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Special Note: The Future of Device Geek Blog


Dear Readers,


Since Device Geek Blog was started in September 2012, we have been doing our best to share the latest news and rumors for Apple’s mobile devices. Recently we have noticed that our views are declining, our bounce rate is increasing, and we believe there are two major reasons why. First, it is difficult to compete with major blogs like 9to5Mac and MacRumors who have great search engine optimization, multiple writers, large audiences, and a loyal following. We are all reporting the same news and rumors, but they are usually first to post. We also only have one writer and our posts are limited to when I have time to write. Secondly, we strictly write about Apple’s mobile devices while other blogs focus on all of Apple’s devices like their computers and other major projects. When someone is looking for rumors on the iPhone and new MacBooks, it is easier to read one website than to read several.

Due to these setbacks and our limited readers, we will be suspending our blog for the next few months as we go back to the drawing board. We plan to relaunch Device Geek Blog with a new focus soon. This blog has been around for four years and we are not ready to give it up just yet, but we need a new direction. And with this, we will unfortunately not be writing our annual Black Friday Guide.

We are very appreciative for the time you took to read our posts over the last four years and we are excited to be here for another four years, but we cannot sustain our drive in the highly competitive market of Apple blogging. Device Geek Blog needs to be updated if it will ever switch from a hobby to a full-time career. In its current state, it is just a hobby. A beautiful four-year old hobby, but now it is time to get serious. We want to be a trusted blog that posts first, that is a place for readers to come to for rich posts, and the one-stop shop for the best Apple content.

Device Geek Blog will remain online and open, however, there will be no new blog posts until we relaunch. I hope you will stick with us through these next few months as we become something better and something worth reading. Thank you again for your time. We hope to see you soon.


Thank you,


Apple Announces ‘Hello Again’ Event on October 27th for New Macs


Yesterday, Apple confirmed their final special media event this year. It will be held at Apple’s Cupertino campus at 10am PDT on Thursday, October 27th. The company is expected to announce updates to the Mac lineup with a redesigned MacBook Pro and discontinued MacBook Air.

It has been a while since Apple’s computers have been updated and rumors suggest updates to the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac. The MacBook Pro will have new design with a OLED touch panel on the keyboard, likely called (more…)

Apple Boldly Begins Removing Security Tethers from Display iPhones

security tethers

In a new bold move, Apple has begun removing security tethers from their display iPhones at some of the retail stores. The goal of this move is to create a better and more personal user experience.

The issue with phones attached to a security tether is that customers are limited to a certain experience to use the phone. Pulling the display phone out too far can set off the alarm and the attached cable limits using the phone beyond the normal uses. It is simply look at most of the phone and pretend what it looks like as your phone. This new move will allow customers to have a more personal experience with the phone by holding it properly, trying it with a case, and (more…)

Apple Shows Off Redesigned Apple Music in New Commercial

Redesigned Apple Music

Yesterday, Apple released a new commercial for their redesigned Apple Music as part of iOS 10. Unlike their previous Apple Music advertisements, it does not feature a famous person (like James Corden), but it does walkthrough many of the new features of the app.

The commercial starts with first looking at the features of the Music app that does not require an Apple Music subscription. Artists are laid out similar to the friends in the Contacts app with the exception of added pictures and albums are also laid out like albums in the Photos app. This is design is the same whether you pay for Apple Music or you do not.


iOS 10 How-to: Send iMessages with Bubble and Screen Effects


Apple introduced several new features to iOS 10 in the Messages app to create a more social and creative experience. Users communicating over iMessage can now send each other screen effects, bubble effects, hidden pictures, stickers, handwritten messages, and drawings. In this post, I will show you how to use bubble and screen effects for better text messaging experience.

Just a couple of notes before getting started. These effects only work between Apple devices and requires iOS 10 for mobile devices and macOS Sierra for computers. All other devices, including Android, will not experience the effect or they will simply read “(Sent with [effect name]). If the chat bubbles are blue then you are messaging something with another Apple device. Also, if Reduce Motion is enabled in the Settings app for devices running iOS 10.0.2, iMessage effects are automatically turned off. The next update, iOS 10.1, allows Reduce Motion to be turned on and iMessage effects will not be affected. (more…)

Apple’s $29 iPhone Screen Repair Deal Doesn’t Matter Too Much for Repair Shops

Version 2

Last month Apple announced the iPhone 7 and changes to their AppleCare+ program. Now the iPhone 5 and later, if covered under AppleCare+, are only $29 for a screen repair. This is much lower than any third-party repair shop can offer since new displays are expensive and can cost as much as $500. It appears that Apple is attempting to do away with third-party repair shops. This, however, does not affect the industry as much as it seems. Third-party repair shops will continue to exist as long as the iPhone is repairable.

Third-party repair shops exist all over the world in places where there are Apple Stores and where there are not. They are, simply put, are any repair shop that is not authorized by Apple to do repairs on their devices. The parts they use (more…)

Here is How Google New Pixel Smartphone Camera Compares to iPhone 7

Google's New Pixel

Earlier today, Google took the stage to unveil their next-generation smartphones, the rebranded Pixel and Pixel XL. They poked a little fun at Apple during their event and claimed that their new phones have the best camera available on a mobile phone. Here is how they compare to the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The Pixel and Pixel XL are the successors to the Nexus series with a new internal and external design. (more…)

Another Report Claims Three iPad Pro 2 Models Coming Early 2017

iPad Pro 2

In late summer, the KGI Securities analyst Kuo reported that Apple is planning to unveil the iPad Pro 2 in three sizes next year. A new report from Japanese blog Macotakara agrees with the previous rumors and adds more details from their reliable sources.

According to the report, there will be three new iPad Pro 2 models released in the early 2017. The first will be the successor to the iPad mini with a 7.9″ screen size. Many have wondered if Apple would be announcing a new iPad mini or discontinuing the line since it has been over a year without any updates. The mini’s also seemed to be updating more slowly than Apple’s other iPads.  (more…)

Apple Releases New iPhone 7 Commercials: Balloons, Midnight, and Morning Ride

iPhone 7 commercials

Earlier this week Apple uploaded a new commercial for the iPhone 7 to their YouTube channel. The premise of the commercial is not revealed until the end when Apple shows it was about iOS 10 and the new Messages app.

The commercial follows a red ballon that travels across land and sea to join with other colors of balloons. They collectively gather and start pouring into the apartment of someone who has an iPhone 7. The person received a handwritten heart and text with a full screen effect of balloons. It ends with the tagline “expressive messages on the iPhone 7” in reference to the new Messages app. The song playing is ‘I Will Follow You’ by Toulouse.